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Approval categories GIED

All categories of the Global and Intercultural Engagement Distinction are subject to approval from the Board of Examiners. Since completing all categories can be spread of a longer period of time, it is allowed to seek approval per category. It is strongly recommended to apply for approval before you start a category, so you can be sure that the GIED-category can be filled before you start the subject/experience.

- Approval form category 2
- Approval form category 3
- Approval form category 4
- Approval form category 5

Approval by the Board of Examiners is necessary in order to facilitate registration on your diplomasupplement. 

Please be aware that you can also use more than 1 item to make up for a category and as such can also e.g. apply for 2 ECTS for one language in category 4 and 4 ECTS for a different language. Just make sure you get to an overall workload of 6 ECTS (168 hours).

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