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Market Regulation (6 ECTS)

Lecturer: Prof. Dr H.H.B. Vedder (coordinator)

When: Block 1

Brief course description: Where does the market stop and why do governments intervene? Most of us live in a market-based economy. However, many of these markets function in a regulatory framework (think about labour law, product requirements and consumer protection) and in some instances the state sets a framework that regulates the way the market itself works. This could take the form of statutory monopolies, regulated access and tariffs, self-regulation or subsidies. All of these interventions in the market could be in the scope of EU law and thus need to comply with the rules on the internal market and competition law in particular. This course will examine the way in which EU law influences Member State regulation of markets and how the EU at times also regulates markets itself. We will closely study, among others, Article 106 and 107 TFEU to get a better understanding of the law and the mechanisms that underlie it. These insights will help you understand other areas of market regulation as well. With the advent of ever more market regulation (just think about financial regulation), the importance of this field of law cannot be overstated. This course will employ a law and economics analysis to better understand the effects and functioning of market regulation law.

Teaching method: This course will have interactive lectures. Students are expected to come prepared to lectures and questions will be made available to the students in advance so as to enable a Socratic teaching method.

Assessment: Assessment is by means of short paper (20%) and a written exam (80%). The exam consists of questions that reflect the topics of the course and test knowledge, insight and critical analysis.

*Official course information and schedules during the academic year can be found in Ocasys.

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