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  • Level - Exchange students coming from one of our European partner universities who spend their third year of law studies (or part of their third year) in Groningen, are expected to choose from our law courses at Bachelor level and ‘first phase’ master level courses. Below is a list of these additional courses which are also open to third year law students, provided they meet the course requirements and have sufficient English proficiency. So apart from the bachelor level courses in our list (which have either 5 ECTS or 10 ECTS), bachelor students can also choose from the following ‘first phase’ master level courses:

    - Anthropology of Law
    - Dutch Law in a Comparative Perspective
    - Economics of Regulation
    - The Legal Heritage of Europe
    - Social Security Law
    Upon special request, and only if students meet the specific requirements for such a course (and have a good proficiency in English), third year exchange students may also choose 1 other master level course per semester, so a Master course which is not mentioned in the list above, with a maximum of two per academic year.

    For law courses at Master level, these and all other exchange students must have explicit permission from the Exchange coordinator incoming students (Astrid van Dort or Eleonora (Ella) Goljan).

    IMPORTANT: Exchange students (of all categories/countries) who take Master level courses without permission from the International Office will be excluded from the respective exams (in fact, their exam registration will be blocked).

  • Basic law knowledge - Students must have finished at least two years of law studies when they arrive in Groningen.
  • Proficiency in the English language - Required level of English - minimum level B2, preferably C1

    Students are expected to have a command of the English language suitable for the level of study, and the Law Faculty/International Office reserves the right to deny admission into courses if the English language level of the student might impede progress for other students.

    The Law Faculty Groningen does not require an official English language test yet of students who come to Groningen as part of either an Erasmus+ or a bilateral agreement with their home university. These students do need to provide confirmation from their home institution/coordinator that they have at least proficiency level B2 (for bachelor courses) or C1 (for master courses).

    The Faculty of Law-Groningen wants to emphasise that a level of English similar to B2 is the very minimum requirement if students want to successfully follow (bachelor) law courses and pass exams. With B2 level, students can take more general (and larger) Bachelor level law classes. For master courses the Faculty at all times requires students to have a C1 proficiency level. Also courses which are smaller and need more active participation or discussion absolutely require C1 level.

    Native speakers are exempt from this requirement.

    ICM (International Credit Mobility) students: Students coming to Groningen as part of the ICM scheme must prove their English proficiency level to be at C1. Such proof can be sent in the form of the following test scores*: CEFR score C1, TOEFL score 92, IELTS score 6.5, a Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English, and/or a Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English.

  • Basic knowledge of European law and international law - Students should note that for specialised courses in European law (e.g. European Labour Law, Internal Market Law), basic knowledge of European law is required. Students who have not had a basic course in European law at their home university, must either take the course European Law or complete the European Law-wiki on the Student Portal (available on the Student Portal Exchange page).
    For specialised courses in the field of international law the course Public International Law (or an equivalent course at the home university) is required. For more information, please check the schedule of courses.

*CEFR = Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
TOEFL=Test of English as a Foreign Language
IELTS = International English Language Testing System

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