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Successful launch of Data Autonomy - 'Let's do it'!

26 juni 2023

On June 22 the Data Autonomy project launch event took place at the House of Connections in Groningen. A diverse group, representing the UG community and external stakeholders, gathered for an engaging and thought-provoking experience in terms of obtaining more data autonomy.

The collaborative event between the Center for Information Technology (CIT) and the Jantina Tammes School (JTS) of Digital Society, Technology and AI, explored the concept of data autonomy in academia and its significance in today's data-driven world. During the event, attendees were provided with valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities associated with data autonomy within the university setting.

Ming Cao (JTS) and Ronald Stolk (CIT)
Ming Cao (JTS) and Ronald Stolk (CIT)

Valuable contributions and discussions

The event's program featured an introduction by Prof. Ronald Stolk (CIT Director / CIO of the UG) and Prof. Ming Cao (Director JTS), as well as a kick-off by Dr. Oskar Gstrein (Department of Governance and Innovation, Campus Fryslân).
Esteemed speakers, including Prof. José van Dijck, former president of KNAW, and Erik Huizer, CEO of Géant, shared their expertise on topics such as "Data Autonomy as a public value at European Universities" and "How to get more data autonomous at European Universities."
Interactive sessions and workshops allowed participants to engage in discussions and gain a deeper understanding of different levels of data autonomy. The attendees had the opportunity to connect with experts and professionals from diverse fields, fostering a rich exchange of ideas and experiences.

Roadmap to Data Autonomy

The CIT has started the discussion to investigate the possibilities of how the University of Groningen can gain more autonomy over its data in the future. Together with various representatives from across the University, we are working on a roadmap to promote data autonomy and a strategy that will enable the UG to respect, protect and promote academic freedom in the digital age.

Community and ambassadors

Are you working or studying at the University of Groningen and are you interested, concerned or do you want to be part of the journey? Join the Data Autonomy Community or become an Ambassador of the Data Autonomy Project. Let's do this together!

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