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Podcast ‘In de Wetenschap’ with Caspar van den Berg

02 December 2019
Podcast ‘In de Wetenschap’ with Caspar van den Berg

In de Wetenschap (In Science) is the University of Groningen podcast where we interview researchers and bring you the latest news and reports from the academic community in Groningen. At the moment all our episodes are recorded in Dutch, but we're planning on recording in English as well. This 11th episode Wim Brons en Nanna Hilton interview Caspar van den Berg, Professor in Global and Local Governance at the Campus Fryslân faculty.

They discuss Caspar’s research on growing social and economic inequality between regions and the relation with the recent farmer protests and election results. Also, Arjen Dijkstra tells about the role of the university in Friesland over the years.

You can listen to In Science on Spotify , Apple Podcast , Stitcher or directly through our RSS feed . Subscribe and don't miss a single episode! Got a question or a suggestion for an interesting topic? Mail us at podcast or text us on WhatsApp: 06-49230111 .

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