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Supervisory Board appoints entire Board of the University of Groningen for another term

23 September 2014

The Supervivory Board of the University of Groningen has decided to reappoint the entire Board of the University for another term as of 1 October 2014. The President of the Board, Prof. Sibrand Poppema, has been appointed until 1 September 2018, while the Rector Magnificus, Prof. Elmer Sterken, has been reappointed until 1 March 2019 and Vice-President Jan de Jeu until 1 January 2020.

‘The Supervisory Board has opted for stability and continuity in the University’s administration’, says Tjibbe Joustra, Chair of the Supervisory Board. ‘This Board of the University has implemented an ambitious programme over the past few years. The Strategic Plan has almost been completely carried out and an overall improvement in position and performance has been realized, at national as well as international levels. The Board of the University provides good leadership and the University of Groningen is well known to be an excellent employer.’

The Executive Board (vlnr): Prof. Elmer Sterken (rector magnificus), Drs. Jan de Jeu (vice president), Prof. Sibrand Poppema (president)
The Executive Board (vlnr): Prof. Elmer Sterken (rector magnificus), Drs. Jan de Jeu (vice president), Prof. Sibrand Poppema (president)

Great challenges

Joustra continues: ‘Bearing in mind the great challenges and developments that the University will be facing in the coming years, it is of vital importance that we are able to rely on a solid administrative body. Over the past few years the Board of the University has demonstrated outstanding management capabilities and team synergy. It is an excellent team. We are confident that this Board will be able to continue to realize the University’s ambitions in years ahead. Although Sibrand Poppema and Jan de Jeu had not reached the end of their terms yet, the Supervisory Board therefore decided to reappoint them for a new term together with the Rector Magnificus.’

President Sibrand Poppema was delighted to hear the news: ‘I am very happy with the trust that the Supervisory Board places in us and that we will be able to further develop our plans and ambitions.’

New Strategic Plan for 2015-2020

In 2015 the University of Groningen will draw up and approve a new Strategic Plan for the period 2015-2020, which will build on the achievements already yielded by the 2010-2015 Strategic Plan, the education innovation plan, the performance agreements and the profile document. In the coming years, the Board will focus on continuing and further developing the new course being taken in internal quality assurance. In addition, new challenges in the field of research, for example with an eye to the social environment and Horizon 2020 (EU), must be addressed. The 2015-2020 Strategic Plan will further flesh out the development of the University of Groningen as an international university.

Construction and renovation

Great challenges also lie ahead in the field of business operations. Examples include major constructions projects (Energy Academy Europe, Nijenborgh 4, relocation of the Faculty of Law, renovation of the Harmonie Complex), consolidation of the reorganization of the Financial Department scheduled for 2015 and the reorientation of the University Services Department.
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