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Theology and Religious Studies programmes in Groningen best in the Netherlands

01 October 2013

Students of Theology and Religious Studies are best off in Groningen. This is the conclusion of the recent Elsevier Survey held among students and professors. Both students and professors in the field think that the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies (GGW) in Groningen provides the best religious Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes in the Netherlands.

The results of the survey have further enhanced the Faculty’s reputation. Last year, the professors judged Theology as the best programme in the Netherlands, and this year, both students and professors have put Theology at the top of the table. The Faculty’s Religious Studies programme also scored an exceptionally high mark, but a lack of competitors means that it is unable to take its place on the winner’s podium – this is the only programme of its kind in the country.

Elsevier survey

Approximately 2,000 professors were asked to say which university they thought offered the best programme in their discipline. Their evaluations were based on the quality of the Bachelor’s programme, the range of Master’s programmes and the quality of lecturers and academic publications. They were not allowed to give marks for their own Faculty.

However, the survey is primarily based on the opinions of more than 230,000 students, as expressed in the extensive National Student Survey. Students were asked to judge their own programme and university on the basis of the facilities, the programme setup, the quality of teaching and lecturers, the exams and the internal organization and communication, giving marks between 1 (poor) and 5 (good). The Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies scored 4.55 for the programme as a whole. This is an exceptionally high score when compared with other University of Groningen faculties (average 3.85) and sister faculties elsewhere in the Netherlands (4.01).

Expertise of lecturers

Our students particularly praised the expertise of the lecturers, the teaching of general study skills (such as developing a critical attitude), the supervision and the size of the classes. The atmosphere in the Faculty was an absolute winner, scoring a staggering 4.8. The Faculty did not score below satisfactory for any aspect. The only ‘fair’ score was for career preparation. Having said this, Groningen still scored better than its fellow-faculties at other universities. The Faculty intends to up this score in the following survey and is currently devising activities to make students more aware of opportunities on the job market.

So when it comes to programmes in Theology and Religious Studies, you really can’t beat Groningen!

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