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Clinical Linguistics / EMCL

The Clinical Linguistics/EMCL track in Groningen, which is offered by the Graduate School for the Humanities, is linked to excellent, multidisciplinary research which is carried out at the Centre for Language and Cognition Groningen (CLCG) and the Groningen Research School for Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience (BCN).

  • Testimonial van PhD Student Vânia Aguiar

    EMCL strengthened my desire to pursue an academic career

    I decided to apply for EMCL because I aspired to pursue a career in academia. I wanted to spend two semesters studying at the UG because I had a particular interest in aphasia, and so I wanted to work with Prof. Roelien Bastiaanse. That was a really good decision! The city of Groningen is simply charming, and the University's facilities are impressive.

    As for the courses, I particularly enjoyed the research-oriented teaching methodology. By the end of the taught semesters, I did not feel stressed about coming up with my own ideas for a thesis. This also prepared me for writing an application for a PhD position.

    I am currently a third-year PhD student in the International Doctorate in Experimental Approaches to Language and Brain (IDEALAB). I have travelled between IDEALAB partner universities in Italy, Australia and The Netherlands (Groningen), where I am supervised by internationally renowned researchers, and I have access to neuroimaging and neuromodulation techniques which I was able to use during my experiments. The fact that I had already learned about Event Related Potentials (ERPs) during EMCL, made it easier for me to address my PhD topic from different perspectives.

    EMCL has strengthen my desire to pursuit an academic career. I am confident that the network that I have established and the skills that I have acquired in the past five years will be key to reach my goals.

    – PhD Student Vânia Aguiar
  • Testimonial van

    A Research Master in Linguistics seemed a perfect fit

    I moved to Groningen from the Baltic States in 2012, to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in English Language and Culture with a minor in Media and Journalism. I have always been passionate about languages, research, writing and editing, so the choice to move abroad for the sake of higher education was not a particularly hard one.

    Choosing a Research Master

    After my experiences in both fields of Linguistics and Journalism, I decided to take the academic path, so a Research Master in Linguistics seemed a perfect fit. This degree is nothing less but challenging, but if you are an aspiring researcher who is passionate about Linguistics like me- it is most definitely worth it.

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