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Meet Tiemen Folkers, author identification (ORCID) specialist

27 July 2020
Tiemen Folkers
Tiemen Folkers
"An ORCID iD unambiguously links you to your publications. This makes your work more visible. My tip: add your ORCID iD to Pure for easy synchronization of your research activities".

Tiemen Folkers is a scientific information specialist at the University Library (UB). Among other things, he deals with author identification, such as ORCID. An ORCID iD connects you to your scientific work, is free and easy to create, distinguishes you from other researchers and stays with you throughout your academic career.

Researchers can add their ORCID iD to their Pure account for easy synchronisation with bibliographic databases. This saves time and increases your visibility. Please note that even if your ORCID iD is already registered in Pure, you still need to grant permission to have your ORCID page automatically updated with your research output from Pure.

Why an ORCID iD?

ORCID is fastly becoming the international standard identifier for researchers. More and more journals and funders request, or even require, an ORCID iD if you send in your manuscript or grant application. ORCID can also increasingly be used to log in to a platform, such as the Open Science Framework. So you need to remember fewer usernames and passwords. You can easily link your ORCID iD to your other identifiers, such as your Researcher iD or Scopus iD. And ORCID is an open, community-driven, non-profit organization.

How does an ORCID iD contribute to the visibility of researchers?

By using your ORCID iD in all forms of communication, your identity is unambiguously linked to your publications and research activities. This ensures you get recognition for your work and makes it more visible. The more often you mention your ORCID iD, the greater your visibility. For example, mention your iD on your Twitter account or at the bottom of your email signature.

What support does the UG Library offer in the area of author identification?

We have an extensive website with a step-by-step guide and short instruction videos on how to create an ORCID iD, or add your iD to Pure. We regularly organize webinars, also for UMCG researchers, in which we demonstrate this and elaborate on how you can use your ORCID iD in your research activities, to make the most of it. You can make an appointment with us by email for individually tailored advice and support.

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