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Staff profiles


Job title
Assistant Professor
Modernism, Cultural Geography, Philosophy, Poetry and Poetics
Associate Professor
Old English literature and language, Middle English literature and language, History of the English Language
Assistant Professor
Early modern literature
Literature, Modernism and Women's Travel Writing
Associate Professor

First language acquisition; tense and aspect; definiteness; crosslinguistic variation in acquisition; formal approaches to semantics, syntax, pragmatics

Lecturer; student advisor
Shakespeare; English Drama; Mediating: Translation and correction; Language Acquisition; History of English
Professor of English Linguistics and English
Bilingualism, bilingual processing, first language attrition, bilingualism and cognitive aging, second language pedagogy
Assistant Professor
Language variation and contact
Assistant Professor

Interdisciplinary modernism, modern and contemporary British literature (specializing in the literature of the mid-twentieth century), literature and politics, the novel

Dr. Julie Mattison
Assistant Professor

Manuscript studies, book history, paleography, codicology, Middle English literature, medieval French literature

Dr. Molly MacVeagh
Modern English Literature; contemporary Anglophone literature; environmental humanities; Victorian literature; novel theory; critical food studies
Assistant Professor
Modern and contemporary US literature, multi-ethnic US and hemispheric American literature, postcolonial texts, Italian American literature and culture, children's and young adult literature, the contemporary Gothic, narratives of diaspora, creative writing
English literature, modernism, Irish studies, James Joyce; teaching English as a second language, academic writing in English, editing; ideological exploitations of orthography and typography.
Assistant Professor
Old English; Middle English; Old Norse; Medieval Irish

Second language acquisition, second language teaching, English for academic purposes, phonetics and phonology, second language phonology, sociolinguistics

Emeritus Staff

Name Job title Expertise
Prof. Marjolijn Verspoor Professor of English Language and English as a Second Language English language and second language acquistion
Dr. Alasdair MacDonald Professor of Medieval English Literature and Language Medieval and Early Modern Scots Literature and Culture, Historical Linguistics
Dr. Henk Dragstra Assistant Professor Popular and mass culture of early modern England; early modern English drama; popular genealogies

PhD Students

Research Supervisor
Naomi van Overveld, MA

Interwar British literature and the representation of masculinity

Dr David Ashford and Dr Ashley Maher
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