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About Network of Arts

The Network of Arts (NoA) is an overarching organ that represents study associations and student members of the different participatory bodies within the Faculty of Arts. Its goal is to promote cooperation and communication between these different parties and to strengthen and expand this relationship. NoA organises the following events during the academic year:   

  • Programme committee training
  • Best practice awards
  • Social events
  • Workshops and lectures on different topics

Board members

The board of the Network of Arts consists of the student advisors of the five Cluster Boards within our faculty and the student assessor of the Faculty Board.

Name Position Programme Cluster

Francis Urciullo (they/them)


BA English Language & Culture

Cluster 2

Maartje Westenberg (she/her)

Vice-chair and treasurer

MA Arts, Cognition and Criticism

Faculty Board

Lilly Göthe (she/her)


ReMa Language & Cognition

Cluster 3

Carla Goltings (she/her)


BA International Relations and International Organization

Cluster 1

Ylva Axelsson (she/her)


BA History

Cluster 4

Annie Huizinga (she/her)


ReMa Cultural Leadership

Cluster 5

Mission statement

NoA works as a facilitator between the Faculty of Arts and its active students, for example by organising events based on a current theme and bringing study associations and programme committee members into contact with each other. In addition, students can exchange experiences during social events and thus help each other out where necessary.

After three years of working mostly online, NoA is enthusiastic about offering more offline events and getting closer to the active students within the faculty. NoA will strive to increase the visibility and strengthen the communication between NoA and the students by organising meetings and actively using social media. With this we intend to exhilarate the transparency within the Faculty of Arts.


Please visit our Instagram (@networkofarts) and LinkedIn to stay up to date.

You can contact us for questions or suggestions via networkofarts

We also hope to welcome you at one of our events!

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