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Jantina Tammes School of Digital Society, Technology and AI News


Join the Digital Healthcare Community
Posted on:12 April 2024

If you're eager to explore the intersection of technology and healthcare, our Digital Healthcare Community is the perfect place for you to connect, learn, and collaborate.

'Searching for a modern Wonder of the World'
Posted on:09 April 2024

During the Pitch Event hosted by the Jantina Tammes School, 12 scientists of the UG explained how their research can contribute to Nij Begun's economic agenda. Koen Schuiling, mayor of the municipality of Groningen, gave a speech to the audience. 'I trust that you want to participate in Nij Begun because you believe in it.'

Bring your research to the public - European Researchers' Night and Zpannend Zernike
Posted on:02 April 2024

Will you join us (again) this year with an experiment, mini-lecture, installation, workshop, debate, science show or other?

Jantina Tammes School funding opportunity for interdisciplinary activities
Posted on:22 March 2024

The Jantina Tammes School of Digital Society, Technology and AI is offering individual 'JTS Grassroots Grants' for researchers, staff and PhDs of the University of Groningen to organise interdisciplinary activities.

Retrospective Workshop 'Challenges of Implementing Cybersecurity: The Perspective of the NIS2 Directive'
Posted on:22 March 2024

On March 13th, an event about cybersecurity and the Network and Information systems Security (NIS) 2 Directive was organized by Evgeni Moyakine, an Assistant Professor IT law from the Faculty of Law, in collaboration with the Jantina Tammes School of Digital Society, Technology and AI.

Experts critical of Temporary Cyber Operations Act
Posted on:15 March 2024

During the event 'Eyes Everywhere? Decoding State Digital Surveillance in The Netherlands' four experts discussed challenges around surveillance, privacy and security.

Job opportunities at the European AI Office
Posted on:14 March 2024

The Commission has opened two calls for expression of interest to recruit new members for the European AI Office. Apply now as technology specialist or administrative assistant for a unique opportunity to shape trustworthy AI.

Join the Digital Inclusion Network!
Posted on:12 March 2024

In The Netherlands, an estimated number of 5 million people are currently struggling to participate in our increasingly digitizing society and are therefore at risk of being socially excluded.

Dr Catherine Jasserand wins privacy award for paper on facial recognition technologies
Posted on:12 March 2024

Catherine Jasserand, assistant professor at our Faculty, has won one of the Privacy Papers for Policymakers Awards (PPPM) from the Future of Privacy Forum. She received the award for her paper ‘Experiments with Facial Recognition Technologies in Public Spaces: In Search of an EU Governance Framework’.

JTS Pitch Event: How AI and digitisation can contribute to Nij Begun
Posted on:08 March 2024

The Jantina Tammes School of Digital Society, Technology and AI will host a pitch event at House of Connections on 3 April. During the event, scientists will talk about their research in the field of AI and digitisation and how it could contribute to the Nij Begun Economic Agenda, a years-long plan for improving the Groningen and North Drenthe region.

Oproep aan onderzoekers: doe mee aan hét wetenschapsfestival voor kinderen
Posted on:04 March 2024

Oproep aan onderzoekers voor deelname aan Expeditie NEXT, het wetenschapsfestival voor kinderen.

Bayu Jayawardhana is a pioneer in the world of control technology
Posted on:27 February 2024

One moment he contributes to the development of a scientific instrument for a megatelescope, the next he is working on generating energy from the ocean: Bayu Jayawardhana moves effortlessly through the world of mechatronics and nonlinear control technology. He is a true pioneer in his field. What has he discovered so far? And how does he keep track of everything? And where can we see the applications?

Looking back on successful workshop Storymapping
Posted on:22 February 2024

On Feb. 16, the Geodienst (CIT) and the Jantina Tammes School co-hosted a Storymapping workshop with the goal of looking at how to best highlight research using this tool.

Azzopardi's algorithms are inspired by the brain
Posted on:20 February 2024

George Azzopardi, associate professor of Pattern Recognition at the Bernoulli Institute for Mathematics, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, balances his time equally between fundamental and applied research. As theme coordinator of ‘Applied AI’ at the Jantina Tammes School, he is dedicated to bridging the gap between science and practical societal applications.

Open Call for RUG students to apply for the Pan-European Seal (PES) Professional Traineeship Programme
Posted on:19 February 2024

Do you want to broaden your horizons by working abroad? Do you want to work with inspiring people from a variety of cultures? Then you should apply to the Pan-European Seal (PES) Programme.

AI Act makes Europe forerunner, yet there are plenty of concerns too - event video added!
Posted on:16 February 2024

The event 'Navigating the EU AI Act: Innovation, Regulation, and the Future of the Digital Society' was a collaboration between the Security, Technology & e-Privacy research group (STeP) of the Faculty of Law, the Governance and Innovation department of Campus Fryslân, the Jantina Tammes School of Digital Society, Technology and AI, the SSiGNAll: Surveillance Studies in Groningen Network for All, the AI Hub Noord Nederland, Samenwerking Noord and the Decentralised Student Association (DSLA).

New blog: Data Autonomy and Academic Freedom
Posted on:14 February 2024

Blog data autonomy: commitment to academic freedom requires scholarly communities to take more control of their data infrastructures than they have achieved so far.

European Researchers' Night returns to Groningen
Posted on:13 February 2024

For the next two years, Groningen will again 'host' the European Researchers' Night, to celebrate and showcase science.

Funding opportunity: NWA call Research along Routes by Consortia 2024
Posted on:12 February 2024

Research along Routes by Consortia funds research projects spanning the entire knowledge chain, involving interdisciplinary consortia. Within consortia researchers collaborate with citizens and societal partners.

HAICu-project officieel van start
Posted on:06 February 2024

Het HAICu-project werd afgelopen vrijdag officieel afgetrapt met een bijeenkomst voor alle betrokkenen in Utrecht. Binnen het programma, dat recent een subsidie van 10.3 miljoen euro ontving vanuit de Nationale Wetenschapsagenda, werken AI en Digital Humanities onderzoekers, erfgoedprofessionals en geïnteresseerde burgers samen om met behulp van kunstmatige intelligentie-tools erfgoedcollecties beter te ontsluiten.

Major project to improve remote-controlled vehicles
Posted on:05 February 2024

Professor Ming Cao from ENTEG is the leading partner in an NWO-funded project to improve the quality and safety of remotely operated vehicles in offshore operations.

Jantina Tammes School and Center for Information Technology join forces
Posted on:31 January 2024

Govert Schoof, Head of the Geodienst at the University of Groningen ( UG ), started as Liaison at the Jantina Tammes School of Digital Society, Technology and AI this month. In this role, he acts as a link between the School and the Center for Information Technology (CIT). 'With my appointment, we are taking the cooperation one step further.'

Ten grants for interdisciplinary PhD research at UG Schools
Posted on:26 January 2024

The Ubbo Emmius Fund (UEF) has made ten grants available for research projects at UG Schools as part of the M20 Scholarship Programme. With the grants, ten PhD students who want to further develop into interdisciplinary researchers will be appointed.

KNAW Early Career Partnerships, open till 1 February 2024
Posted on:23 January 2024

Postdoctoral researchers at the beginning of their careers can apply for up to EUR 10,000 to organise an interdisciplinary meeting in the Academy's Trippenhuis complex or another location of their choice.

How to use Stable Diffusion in research and teaching?
Posted on:18 January 2024

The Jantina Tammes School of Digital Society, Technology & AI, the Center for Information Technology (CIT) and ICT Innovation Fund joined forces to organize a workshop on AI generated imagery with Stable Diffusion.

Dr Evgeni Moyakine is awarded grant of Incentive Fund for Interdisciplinary Projects
Posted on:18 January 2024

Dr. Evgeni Moyakine, Assistant Professor at the Section IT Law of the Department of Transboundary Legal Studies, has been awarded the grant of the Incentive Fund for Interdisciplinary Projects together with two colleagues from the Faculty of Science and Engineering, prof. dr. Antonis Vakis and dr. Fadi Mohsen.

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