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Jantina Tammes School of Digital Society, Technology and AI Education

Summer and Winter Schools

The following Summer and Winter Schools on JTS topics are offered by the University of Groningen:

Summer School ‘Data Science and AI in Health'

The aim of the Summer School ‘Data Science and AI in Health’ is to introduce young, enthusiastic researchers to the principles of data science and AI in healthcare and clinical research. Participants will be introduced to various aspects of data science, such as setting up and implementing a project. This includes both the collection and cleaning of data and the practical conduct of an initial (machine learning) analysis of the collected data.
From July 16 to July 22, 2023.

Movement, Mindfulness and Cognitive Science

The programme begins with an online course which consists of 12 webinars, taking place from March 7th to May 30th 2023. Each webinar provides lecture, inputs, audio-visual information, plus an interactive part with an international TECT expert, including discussions and/or exercises.

Multiscale Modeling and its Applications

Multiscale modeling is a powerful approach to studying complex systems in various fields such as biology, chemistry, physics, and engineering. It involves using multiple models at different scales, from the microscopic level to the macroscopic level, to understand how a system behaves and evolves over time.
Dates: 28 August to 1 September 2023.

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