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Jantina Tammes School of Digital Society, Technology and AI Research



The Jantina Tammes School encourages collaboration between researchers from different faculties and institutes at the University of Groningen and between researchers and regional, national and international partners from society, both public and private, and with members of the public.

The operationalisation of the JTS research & innovation strategy will result in the organisation of thematic interest groups, networking events, interdisciplinary research etc.. These activities will be complementary to existing (faculty) structures. These groups and events will partly be open for stakeholders from outside the University.

Within the structure of the schools a grant writer is appointed. This person will closely work together with the Funding Advisors in the faculties. Depending on the content of a proposal the School can be in a central position in the writing and submitting process. We are also helping to ensure that researchers are notified about relevant calls in good time.

In future discussions, we will develop a policy of the JTS involvement in project management

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