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Jantina Tammes School of Digital Society, Technology and AI JTS Themes A Roadmap to Data Autonomy Work in Progress

Presentations & events

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Welcome to our Presentations, papers & events section, where we curate and showcase a collection of presentations given at our diverse range of events towards Data Autonomy. Delve into a wealth of knowledge, ideas, and expertise shared by renowned speakers. Whether you missed an event or want to revisit an enlightening talk, this curated selection offers a platform to access and engage with our thought-provoking content. You can also find some interesting papers if you wish to gain better insight and delve deeper into Data Autonomy.

Data Autonomy Community Update - June 17 2024

You can see the presentation here

Open Source meet-up - June 12 2024

HUMANE Spring Seminar - April 12 2024

Public Spaces conference - For a collective internet - June 28 2023

Data Autonomy: Let's do it! - June 22 2023

Oskar Gstrein's presentation - May 5 2023

No current documents available at the moment.

CPDP workshop: Data Autonomy in higher education : The quest for public values in the cloud - 25 May 2023

Let's talk Data Autonomy - April 17 2023

The "Let's talk Data Autonomy!" event was part of a series of events that took place in order to understand how the different groups within the UG understand the concept of Data Autonomy.

The groups spoke about the topic and presented their findings on a poster at the end of the session. In this way, they demonstrated their individual understanding, interests, and concerns.

Let's talk Data Autonomy - March 8 2023

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