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Start of next phases Upgrade Zernikelaan

09 March 2020

After improving the entrance area of the Zernike Campus Groningen last summer, the next two phases of Upgrade Zernikelaan will take place: the east side of the Duisenberg pond and the northern part of the Campus. Preparatory work will start on Monday 9 March. By the end of 2020 the two subareas will be ready.

Improvement east side Duisenberg pond and the northern part of the Campus

For several years, the quay area along the east side of the Duisenberg pond has not been a pretty sight. The footpaths are no longer passable and the western part of the road has been out of use for a number of years. The quay area is now being transformed into a pleasant leasure area. It will become a green, accessible quay area with a better connection to the pond. The steep, stone quay will be demolished and a sloping bank will soon be created along the pond. Water lilies will be planted and there will be marsh cypress trees, trees that colour with the seasons. There will also be a long boardwalk along the length of the pond. Finally, on the north side, a wide staircase to the water will be made, a nice place to sit at the water's edge.

The northern part of the Campus will be safer and greener between KVI and Professor Uilkensweg. Safer by separating footpaths and cycle paths from the road and greener by planting many trees along the road and to the side.

Preparatory work

The main work for both sub-areas will take place between March and the end of 2020. Preparatory work and removal of trees will start on 9 March. The municipality of Groningen has issued felling permits for all trees to be removed in 2016 and 2020. The chestnut trees for which a felling permit has been issued in 2016 are sick and will remain standing as long as possible. The felling permit issued in 2020 was the subject of proceedings relating to a preliminary injunction that was rejected by the court last Thursday. Due to the approaching breeding season, it was decided to have the trees mentioned in those permits removed immediately. The removal of the trees is necessary to carry out the Upgrade Zernikelaan plans. The final result of the upgrade of these subareas will contribute to a greener campus. For example, 1.5 trees will be replanted for each removed tree.

In April a start will be made with the installation of the foundation piles for the boardwalk near the Duisenberg pond. This will take about 6 weeks, provided that this work can be carried out consecutively. This work can cause vibrations and noises. Contractor Oosterhof Holman will carry out the work on the side of Foodcourt Zernike during the May holidays, so that the nuisance is limited.

Ready for an upgrade
Ready for an upgrade
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