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Payment procedure

Dear participant,

Great you are a member of the Paid Participant Pool of Psychology.

To be able to get paid you we have to ask you – before you take part in any study of the Paid Participant Pool (PPP) – to register for the university payment tool. You can register via . This means that you have to make an account in PPP and another account in Fedrbp, the payment tool. When your ID is asked you have to fill in a name of your own choice (like a user name).

Registration takes less than five minutes of your time!

Thanks in advance for registering! If you have any questions, feel free to email us via


Norbert Borger

PS: If you have not been able to participate in many studies yet – we see that researchers increase their use of the PPP in the course of the academic year. So keep an eye on the Psychology (Paid-) Participant Pool website ( )

From August, 2019: please fill in pre-screen questionnaire (even if you are an ‘old’participant)!

For those of you who wish to log on to the system the first time after the summer holiday as a participant in the PPP, please note you need to fill out the short pre-screen questionnaire again. This means that even if you log in with your existing account, you will be asked to fill in this very short questionnaire. This very short questionnaire is mainly to enable researcher just a little to make a preselection of participants who can sign up for their study. Except for the question whether you are 16 years of age or older the questions are voluntarily. Another reason was to update this information of the participants. All prescreen questionnairs and answers before August 2019 are deleted in PPP.

In August, 2019, old accounts which were not used anymore were deleted.

Accounts which have not been used for a longer period (longer than one year) were deleted during August 2019, you can just set up a new account if you wish to participate again.

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