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prof. dr. E.M. Steg
First name:Linda

A. (Audra) Balunde, MScPhD student
T. (Thijs) Bouman, PhDAssistant Professor (University Lecturer and Researcher)Environmental psychology, group processes, human values, social identity. 

Teaching: Coordinator Economic and Consumer Psychology (Bachelor, year 3), supervisor Bachelor's and Master's theses. 

Research interests: I am interested in personal and group factors driving individuals’ responses to global crises, in particular climate change.

One research line I am currently working on focuses on personal and (perceived) group values. What values do individuals report to strongly endorse, what values do individuals think others endorse, and how do such values influence individuals’ attitudes and behaviours? For this, I collaborate with various partners in the field, such as nature organizations (e.g., WWF, Alliance for Nature, Groninger Landschap), zoos (Dutch Association of Zoos) and schools.

Another line of research focuses on the interaction between individuals and technology, particularly within the energy domain. How can we better understand and consider the preferences and motivations of people within energy systems, how can we adjust technological innovations to user preferences and motivations, and can we give people a more active role within energy systems and the decision making about energy systems? 

PhD (co-)supervision:
Lu Liu (ongoing),
Steph Johnson Zawadzki (ongoing),
Nieke Lemmen (ongoing),
Mark Verschoor (ongoing),
Wang Xiao (ongoing, joint program with Fudan University)
N. (Nadja) Contzen, PhDPostdoctoral researcher Social-cognitive factors of behaviour change; Public health promotions; Acceptability of innovations; Social dilemma and cooperation
F. Goedkoop, PhD MScPhD
R. (Robert) Goersch, MScPh.D studentEnvironmental psychology: public acceptability of energy system elements and environmental policies
dr. L. (Lise) JansAssistant Professor Group processes, Social identity, Diversity, Bottom-up initiative, Sustainability

I am interested in the interplay between individuals and groups. I examine how groups (and group identities) are formed and changed, how they become shared identities, and how they affect both individual and collective behaviours and attitudes. I use various methods ranging from surveys in the field to longitudinal group experiments. I apply this expertise to the environmental domain to examine the role of group processes in realizing sustainable change, cooperating with other disciplines and practitioners. On a meta-level, I apply my expertise to understand and promote successful multi-and interdisciplinary collaborations.
M.A.T. (Maddie) Judge, PhDAssistant ProfessorMy research interests focus on the psychology of social change and societal transitions. In particular, I am interested in investigating the role of morally-motivated deviance in changing social norms, lay beliefs about human-nature and human-artifact relations, the consequences of collective future thinking, and how misperceptions can act as a barrier to climate change mitigation.
dr. K.E. (Kees) KeizerAssistant professor
J.M.R. (Julia) KochPhD student
C.Y. (Chieh-Yu) Lee, MScPhD StudentEnvironmental Psychology: environmental self-identity, social identity and feeback intervention; Organisational Psychology: group dynamics, leadership and reciprocal trust.
L. (Lu) Liu, MScPublic participation; trust; decision making; perceived procedural fairness; acceptability of renewable energy projects.Cross-cultural study.
V. Lozano Nasi, MAEnvironmental Psychology, Climate change adaptation, Positive Adaptation, Psychological resilience
G. (Gabriel) Muinos Trujillo, PhDAssistant professorEnvironmnetal and social psychology
Environmnetal beliefs, frugality, climate change adaptation, teaching innovation.
dr. G. (Goda) PerlaviciuteAssociate professor Environmental psychologyMy key research interests lie in public evaluations and acceptability of energy sources, systems and policies, and which factors influence these evaluations and acceptability judgements. I focus on theory development and applying theory in addressing acute environmental and energy problems.
L.K.M. (Leah) Rangi, MScCommunication DesignerCommunication Design; Visual Communication Design, Design Strategy Graphic Design, Publication Design, Typography, Illustration, Motion Graphic Design, Service Design, Systems Design, UX Design, Design Research, Branding and Identity 
C.R. (Chris) van Rugge, MScPhD Candidate Group Norms, Intrinsic Motivation and Sustainable Energy Consumption
PhD Disciplines: Social and Environmental Psychology
E.J. (Elliot) Sharpe, MSc.How pro-environmental actions relate to each other (especially: do people who behave pro-environmentally also support sustainable policies?)
The role of intrinsic pro-environmental motivation (acting without external rewards or sanctions but because it is meaningful) on engagement in pro-environmental action
prof. dr. E.M. (Linda) StegProfessor Environmental psychology; understanding environmental behaviour including energy use and car use; acceptability and effectiveness of environmental policy; sustainable energy transition; cllimate change; values; intrinsic motivation
M. (Margriet) StelProcesmanager SMiLES(EU) Collaborative research projects
A.M. (Anne) van ValkengoedPhD studentClimate change adaptation by individuals and households.
prof. dr. C.A.J. Vlek
L. (Leonie) Vrieling, MScPostdoctoral researcherEnvironmental Psychology
X. (Xinran) Wang, MASocial norms; Sustainable behaviors; Data science & visualization
dr. E. (Ellen) van der Werff, PhDAssociate professorI am interested in factors influencing consistent pro-environmental behaviour and strategies to change environmental actions. My main research interests are environmental self-identity and incentives to promote behavioural change. I enjoy collaborating with researchers from other disciplines and applying my research to real life problems.
S.J. (Steph) ZawadzkiPhD Student Environmental Psychology: Pro-environmental behavior and political contexts, happiness and wellbeing, climate change beliefs // Science communication & data vizualization // Public speaking & public outreach
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