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The relation between the type of teacher training program and daily teaching practices of Dutch beginning primary school teachers
PhD ceremony:Ms S. (Sanne) Dijkema
When:Not yet specified
Supervisor:prof. dr. R.J. (Roel) Bosker
Co-supervisors:dr. S. (Simone) Doolaard, dr. E.S. (Lieneke) Ritzema
Faculty:Behavioural and Social Sciences
Ready for takeoff?

Concerns about teacher quality and quantity have led to several developments in Dutch primary teacher education, including the development of a new academic teacher training program. This program is expected to contribute to alleviating both concerns, firstly by attracting students from the highest level of secondary education to the teaching profession, and secondly by training these students in a research-oriented environment.  

In this dissertation we explored to what extent academic and higher professional teachers differ in their daily teaching practices. The results show both groups of teachers are supportive to their students and do not differ in their reflections on classroom situations and their own practices. Both groups of teachers also did not differ in their teaching behavior when entering the teaching profession, but the academic teachers showed a faster rate of development during the first four years of their career. This difference might be caused by the prior level of secondary education. When creating profiles of teaching quality, higher professional teachers had a higher probability of having advanced teaching qualities, whereas academic teachers had a higher probability of having basic teaching qualities.   

In general, academic teachers appeared to be neither better nor worse prepared in their daily teaching practices than higher professional teachers. Additional research is needed to investigate the development of both groups of teachers in the subsequent years of the teaching career, whether they stay in the teaching profession and whether more diversity in school teams is related to an improvement of educational quality.