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Below is a summary of news from the current year. In the left menu you find news from previous years.

TitlePosted on
Millets: ancient crops for the future18 May 2020
'Governing Religious Diversity in Cities', by Dr Julia Martínez-Ariño24 April 2020
Mirjam Bokhorst to be awarded a PhD for ‘Enoch and the Temple of Doom’17 February 2020
'My mission is to make sure that women can make their own choices'04 February 2020
Academic Conference Travel Experiences in the Ancient World22 January 2020
PhD ceremony Eva Ouwehand: Mania and Meaning20 January 2020
Call for Papers | Summer School in Gender Studies: 'Disturbances and Interventions'09 January 2020
Welmoed Wagenaar receives Hubbeling Prize for best Thesis06 January 2020
Nieuwe bestuursleden voor De Jonge Akademie: Jeroen de Ridder voorzitter20 December 2019
Dr Erin Wilson new Vice-Dean Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies06 December 2019
Bachelors Theologie en Religiewetenschappen wederom Topopleiding27 November 2019
Stories of the dead26 November 2019
African Women’s Stories22 November 2019
Mark de Jager named Young Theologian of the Netherlands19 November 2019
Have a cup of tea with an alien23 October 2019
Winners PhD Grants Sustainable Society16 October 2019
Star Trek, or Ripley from Alien?14 October 2019
New lectures series: Treasures from the University Library10 October 2019
Giacomo Baggio defends PhD thesis on the Vimalakīrtinirdeśa Commentary by Sengzhao et al.23 September 2019
Ideals that live on17 September 2019
Music and Religious Exile - Singing the Lord's Song in a Strange Land16 September 2019
19 September: presentation of the report and policy letter on ‘Sexual well-being in the context of religious and cultural diversity’10 September 2019
University of Groningen appoints Gorazd Andrejč as Assistant Professor of Philosophy of Religion09 September 2019
Dr Méadhbh McIvor Lecturer of the Year of Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies04 September 2019
Funding for three new UG PhDs in the humanities27 June 2019
Experiencing God in a foreign land18 June 2019
Luisa Lesage Gárriga obtains PhD with Plutarch analysis13 June 2019
Photos and video Night of Arts and Science12 June 2019
Groningen centre of discussion on religious heritage11 June 2019
Spiritual care in the earthquake zone22 May 2019
Inaugural lecture Professor Todd Weir, Chair of History of Christianity and Modern Culture21 May 2019
Nienke Bastiaans new Managing Director Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies14 May 2019
International Conference Religious Heritage in a Diverse Europe15 April 2019
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly11 April 2019
Call for papers: Narrating the pilgrimage to Mecca: experiences, emotions, and meanings03 April 2019
Inaugural lecture Professor Lautaro Roig Lanzillotta, Chair of New Testament and Early Christianity01 April 2019
Ragnhild Bø, Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Religion and Heritage20 March 2019
History, human possibility - and cocaine05 March 2019
Prof. Jeroen de Ridder new Professor by special appointment of Christian Philosophy21 January 2019
Fokko Oldenhuis: 'Van der Staaij heeft op één dag alle respect verloren dat hij in jaren heeft opgebouwd'08 January 2019
Fokko Oldenhuis: 'Een predikant hoort een lam te zijn en geen wolf'07 January 2019
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