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About us Faculty of Science and Engineering Groningen Engineering Center (GEC)

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Full Members:

prof. dr. Dario Bauso


Optimization and Decision Systems, Game Theory, Optimal Control, Operations Research Engineering, Logistics

prof. dr. ir. Ming Cao


Complex networks, autonomous robots, decision-making, distributed control

prof. dr. Raffaella Carloni



dr. Ashish Cherukuri


Multi-agent systems, Distributed Algorithms, Networked Cyber-physical Systems, Game Theory, Optimization under Uncertainty

prof. dr. Claudio De Persis


Cyber-physical Systems, Resilient Control, Data-driven Monitoring and Control, Dynamical Control Networks, Smart Power Grids

prof. dr. ir. Erik van der Giessen


Materials Science, Multidisciplinary, Mechanics, Physics, Condensed Matter

prof. dr. ir. Bayu Jayawardhana


Mechatronics, robotics, systems & control theory, systems biology

prof. dr. ir. Bart J. Kooi


Nanostructured Materials, Interfaces, Electron Microscopy

dr. Ajay Kottapalli


Micro/Nano Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS/NEMS), Nature-inspired Sensing, Biomimetic Materials and Sensors, Biomedical/Clinical/Healthcare Sensors and Devices, Triboelectric nanogenerators, Flexible Nanoelectronics, 3D printed sensors

dr. Anastasiia Krushynska


Wave Dynamics, Phononic Materials, Material Science, Acoustics, Metamaterials

prof. dr. ir. David Lentink ESRIG

Biomimetics & Bioinspired design, Animal Flight, Comparative Biomechanics, Biofluid Dynamics, Aerial Robotics, Bioinspired Autonomous Navigation and Control, Measurement System Design, High-speed 3D Imaging and Fluoroscopy, Solid Mechanics and Structural Design, Aerospace engineering

dr. Monica Acuautla Meneses


Piezoelectric materials, Mechatronic engineering, Flexible electronics, MEMS/NEMS (Micro/Nano Electro Mechanical Systems), Sensors, Piezoelectric devices and Energy harvesting

dr. Francesco Maresca ENTEG Solid mechanics, Multi-scal materials modeling, crystal plasticity, atomistics simulations, physical metallurgy

dr. Anatoli Mokhov

ESRIG Combustion technology

dr. Nima Monshizadeh


System Theory, Model Reduction, Dynamic Optimization, Power Networks, Privacy

prof. dr. ir. Patrick Onck


Applied Physics, Biophysics, MultiscaleModelling, MolecularDynamics, Biomimetics, Micromechanics, Computational Physics

prof. dr. George Palasantzas


Dispersion Forces, Nanoparticles, Roughness, Adhesion, Energy

prof. dr. Yutao Pei


Materials Science and Engineering, Electron Microscopy, Laser Materials Processing, PVD & Plasma Activated CVD, Nanostructured Materials, Coatings andThinFilms, Self-healing Materials, Surface Engineering and Tribology

prof. dr. ir. Jacquelien Scherpen


Order reduction methods for networks and nonlinear control systems, distributed and nonlinear controllers

prof. dr. Antonis Vakis


Tribology and Lubrication, Multiscale Contact Mechanics; Mechanical Design; Manufacturing Processes; Renewable Energy; Biomechanics

Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) members:

prof. dr. Christos Emmanouilidis


Industry 4.0, Industrial Information Systems, AI, Machine Learning, and Data Analytics, Human in the Loop of Socio-Technical Systems, Internet of Things, Cyber-Physical Systems, Product and Asset Lifecycle Management, Maintenance Management, Learning Technologies, Innovation Management

dr. Martin Land FEB Production Management, Make-to-order Industries, PPC Concepts, Workload Control, Lean in Health Care, Patient Waiting Times
dr. Evrim Ursavas FEB Logistics Engineering, Supply Chain and Transportation Optimization, Energy, Sustainable Energy, Management Information Systems, Decision Support Systems, Maritime Studies.
prof. dr. Iris Vis FEB Industrial Engineering, Operations Research, Physical Internet, Transportation Networks, Ports
dr. ir. Durk-Jouke van der Zee FEB Logistics Engineering, Health Care, Simulation
dr. Stuart, Xiang Zhu FEB Sustainable Supply Chain Management, Production Planning and Inventory Control, Marketing-Operations Interface

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