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Admission to an FSS (pre) master programme in 2020-2021

'Zachte knip'

Since the introduction of the Bachelors-before-masters-rule (the so-called ‘Harde Knip’ - hard cut) it is only possible to start your master’s programme if you have completed your bachelor degree.

Because of the corona crisis, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science has decided that this entry requirement may, under certain conditions, be adjusted in the coming academic year.

Due to the corona measures, almost all programmes offer online education until the end of this academic year. However, this situation may cause study delay for some students, since not everything can be done digitally.

This exceptional situation requires special measures, which is why the Board of the University has decided to introduce a modification of the existing entry requirements for starting a (pre)master’s programme.

For the study year 2020-2021, students in the final phase of their bachelor's programme can start their (pre)master’s programme under certain conditions. This way, students can already take master courses whilst also finishing their bachelor’s programme and study delay is limited as much as possible. This is refered to as the 'Zachte Knip' (soft cut).


The conditions for this relaxation the current regulations may differ per faculty and/or study programme. You may only start if you have met the specific conditions of your faculty.

For the Faculty of Spatial Sciences, the following condition applies:

  • A student may have a maximum of 15 ECTS deficiency in the approved bachelor programme to be admitted to one of the master's programme of the Faculty of Spatial Sciences.
  • You must be able to finish your bachelor programme within the 2020-2021 academic year, otherwise you will not be able to continue your (pre)master programme in 2021-2022.

The same rule applies to pre-master students of the Faculty of Spatial Sciences who want to start with one of the Master programmes and for HBO students who want to start with one of the pre-master programmes.

If you have any questions about this, please contact the Education Office at educationoffice.fss

How does this work for me?

For more information on how to register with 15 or less ECTS deficiency, visit one of these pages:

Talk to your study advisor

Please consider that the (pre) Master’s degree programmes are all-time intensive programmes. If you need to obtain an extra 5-15 ECTS of Bachelor’s course units, it will be difficult to finish the (pre) Master’s degree programme within 1 year.

If you are not able to finish your Bachelor programme within the 2020-2021 academic year you are not allowed to continue with the master programme the next academic year.

We strongly advise you to consider if the option of already starting your Master’s degree programme is suitable for you or not. In some cases, it is better to focus on the completion of your Bachelor’s degree programme or pre-Master’s programme first, before starting a (pre) Master’s degree programme.

Please contact the study advisors (study.advice.fss of the Faculty of Spatial Sciences (Nienke Harteveld and Saskia Enuma) to discuss your study plan.

Last modified:19 June 2020 2.53 p.m.