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Meditation workshop: An introduction to Friendliness (mettā)

From:Fr 14-01-2022 17:00
Until:Fr 01-04-2022 18:00
Where:Groningen, Faculty of Philosophy, room Alpha

This workshop will take place each Friday, from 14th January 2022 until 1st April 2022, from 5.00 to 6.00 p.m.

Friendliness is an emotional and intentional attitude of good-will and non-aversion towards all sentient beings, including oneself. It is rooted in both feeling and understanding. In the Pāli discourses of the Buddha, the practice of friendliness is repeatedly stressed and encouraged for its numerous benefits. It develops a form of emotional intelligence capable of balancing between an acknowledgment of the most difficult aspects of experience, and the cultivation of a sense of happiness nourished by good-will. This provides an ideal pathway to improve one’s relations with others and one’s commitments in life, and to explore deeper aspects of one’s experience. Friendliness supports calm and tranquility, but it also leads to a philosophical investigation into the workings of experience and the nature of freedom. This workshop offers an introduction to the practice of friendliness in both formal meditation and in daily life. Attending the workshop does not require any prior meditation experience or particular background.

Time commitment

Meetings: 1h per week, 12 weeks; plus some individual daily practice.


The workshop is entirely free from charges. But registration is highly appreciated. Please register here. All registration data will be kept privately and used exclusively for the purposes of organizing the workshop.