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Ingrid Pendaries (France)

After having finished my Bachelor Degree at the Université de Toulouse Le Mirail in France, I felt the deep need to explore new horizons, be they cultural or philosophical. Groningen was a great place for me to do so.

Ingrid Pendaries
Ingrid Pendaries

I immediately felt at home

I easily found a room in a student house through the Housing Office. Living in such a place has not only allowed me to quickly become fluent in English, but also to make great Dutch and international friends. Although I was away from my family, I immediately felt at home. I should stress, however, that a stay abroad has to be prepared months in advance! Even though I had started making plans in January (for September), I still turned out to be late with some administrative issues in the end.

Genuine interest

When I arrived at the Faculty, the staff welcomed me with open arms. I was also glad to see the freedom of thought and the genuine interest that was given to my work. The Faculty of Philosophy in Groningen is supported by a team of dedicated professionals, as they manage to make time and to properly advise each student.

Variety of lectures

I would even say that the Faculty of Philosophy stands out from other faculties because of its internal dynamics and variety of lectures and seminars. I remember specifically, that in June 2011, I went to a conference given by Peter Singer. It was quite an epiphany for me. I read The Life You Can Save and Animal Liberation in the week that followed, and that is when I realized how Practical Ethics are of central importance to me.

Research skills

I then deepened my knowledge of the subject and was given the opportunity to express my views on Animal Ethics through my papers, a topic so dear to me. Moreover, it is during the time I spent in Groningen that I experienced the implications of long term research, especially through the elaboration and support of my Master’s thesis. I learned to appropriately use scientific data and fundamental philosophical opinions needed for researching. The Faculty's teachers and supervisors have been, and still are, of inspiration to me regarding these accomplishments. That is why today, I am more than happy to continue in the Research Master's programme in Groningen to perfect my researching skills.

Ingrid graduated! Find a summary of Ingrid's Research Master's thesis

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