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Abraham Sapién Córdoba (Mexico)

I did a bachelor in Philosophy at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and I really wanted to do a semester abroad. When I was looking for an exchange programme, I found that there was an agreement between my faculty and Groningen’s university. I wanted not only to study in a different language but also see a different culture, so I thought that Groningen in the Netherlands was a good place to go.

Abraham Sapién Córdoba
Abraham Sapién Córdoba

Check with both faculties

The procedure was not especially complicated, when I contacted people in Groningen they were helpful and it was relatively easy to get the visa. Nonetheless, it is very important to check with both faculties how the validation procedure works. I know some people who had troubles because the scholar systems were very different.

Small groups

The classes that I took were good. In general the groups were small so it was possible to get a good comprehension and discussion of the topics. Students were participative and teachers were very receptive about one’s doubts. In contrast to other education systems that I know, I would describe Holland’s as accurate and very well scheduled.

People are as gentle as they are tall

I’m definitely pleased by my experience in Groningen. It is true that things were different from my country but the contrast made me see clearer the good and bad things about both places. So my last advice is that if you decide to go to Groningen, you must know that you will use a bike a lot, which is very nice in the summer, people are as gentle as they are tall and, almost inexplicably, everyone goes very well dressed to the city’s library.

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