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Robert Inklaar appointed as editor of the Review of Income and Wealth

18 June 2024
Professor of Economics Robert Inklaar

Professor of Economics Robert Inklaar has been appointed as editor of the Review of Income and Wealth.

Starting August 1, Inklaar will be one the two co-editors of the Review of Income and Wealth. This journal is dedicated to advancing knowledge on economic measurement, with studies on national income, wealth and inequality. As the official journal of the International Association of Research in Income and Wealth, it advances research in economic and social accounting, including the development of concepts and definitions for the measurement and analysis of income and wealth. The association also has the objective to further the development and integration of systems of economic and social statistics, and related problems of statistical methodology.

Inklaar: “This journal’s focus on economic measurement is a strong and unique focus. This makes it the pre-eminent place for scholars interested in understanding and improving our measurement of concepts like economic growth and inequality. It is a great honor to soon be in a position to help chart this journal’s course.” The journal has an international readership and focuses on comparative analyses between countries.

Cross-country research on economic growth and development

Inklaar’s area of expertise is on the economics of productivity and welfare, aiming to understand differences in economic development across countries. In his work, he has, for instance, focused on measuring cross-country income differences, studying the role of these differences in the availability of human and physical capital, analyzing the productivity slowdown and measurement of productivity in the public sector.

Questions? Please contact Robert Inklaar.

Last modified:18 June 2024 2.00 p.m.

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