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Inaugural Lecture Corine Noordhoff: Future ready retail

12 April 2024
Corine Noordhoff, professor by special appointment in Retail Marketing

Retailers face significant challenges in a dynamic retail landscape, characterized by increasing operational costs such as energy and rent, the need to repay debts incurred during the COVID-19 pandemic, high interest rates, and a tight labor market. Additionally, there is a shift in consumer behavior towards increased use of technologies such as generative AI and a greater emphasis on sustainable consumption.

While riding the waves of change, successful retailers have the ability to quickly adapt to evolving customer needs and maintain close relationships with customer to ensure repeat business. Simultaneously, however, well known retailers go bankrupt on a regular basis and bankruptcy rates have been increasing steadily in the Netherlands ever since May 2022.

From both an academic and practical perspective, an important question arises: how can retailers prepare for the future? In her inaugural lecture, Corine Noordhoff will provide insights in the cornerstones for survival and adaptation in the retail sector. As professor by special appointment in Retail Marketing, she bridges theory and practice and will support her insights with both her academic expertise in Retail Marketing and extensive practical experience.

More information:

Corine Noordhoff’s inaugural lecture will take place on Friday 19 April 2024, 16:15 – 17:00, in the aula of the Academy Building.

Last chance to register is today (12 april) via the registration form.

Livestream on 19 April 2024, see:

Questions? Please contact Corine Noordhoff.

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