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Inaugural lecture Huib Cense

Health System Innovation: can you operate on the moon?
07 June 2023
Huib Cense, Endowed Professor of Health System Innovation
Huib Cense, Endowed Professor of Health System Innovation

Healthcare is shifting from physical buildings to hybrid networks in which care is offered both physically and digitally. As a result, care is becoming more complex and linear thinking about the organization of care is increasingly being replaced by thinking in so-called complex adaptive systems. In addition to the medical content, the logistical process of treatment is important for the patient experience. Essential questions for research are therefore: How do you optimize the organization or "operation" of care, and what influence do networking and digitalization of processes have on the quality of care and the quality of life?

Endowed Professor of Health System Innovation Huib Cense: "Within the hospital, improvement is possible if care providers regularly take a step back with the entire team to redesign the care process around a particular 'care product'. Within regional networks, agreements on the distribution of capacity would be good. If subsequently the capacity is made accessible on a platform where the patient himself can plan treatments, then that is profit for patients, hospitals and insurers. The quality of care within such a network can be measured by quality registrations. Subsequently, this information on quality can be used for learning and improvement within a network."

The Integral Care Agreement is ambitious, but if it disappoints, we run the risk of overregulation, according to Cense. That is why in his inaugural lecture, he makes a case for formulating goals in the form of "Moonshots. "Get doctors involved with a new way of working based on the success factors for an operation: the Moonshot Operating Room. There is plenty of expertise and ambition in Groningen, ideal for research in the areas mentioned."

More information:

Huib Cense's inaugural lecture will take place Friday June 16 2023, 16:15 - 17:00, in the Aula of the Academy Building.

Register no later than June 9 via the registration form.

Livestream on June 16, 2023, see

Questions? If so, please contact Huib Cense.

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