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Major H2020 EU research project for Evrim Ursavas

20 May 2021
Evrim Ursavas
Evrim Ursavas

Associate professor Evrim Ursavas has received funding by the EU for a new project called ConsenCUS. The aim of the ConsenCUS project is to innovate and collaborate on carbon capture, utilization and storage in order to allow European industries to operate with net-zero carbon emissions. This should be accomplished by offering them Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS) solutions based on renewable electricity, and integrating them in carbon neutral clusters.

Ursavas: “We have joined forces with our industrial and academic partners from The Netherlands, Denmark, United Kingdom, Romania, Greece, China and Canada to make electrochemical CO2 emission reduction possible worldwide. Over €13 million of European funds and private investments will enable scaling up technological innovations and conducting research on value chain analysis and network optimization.

For four years we will look at how shared infrastructure, jobs, communities, economy and environment can be positively affected by CCUS activities in two European clusters: one in northwest Europe (Netherlands, UK and Denmark) and on in the southeast Europe (Greece, Bulgaria and Romania).

The different components ( capture, utilisation, transport and storage ) among the CCUS value chain, will be analyzed as a whole, considering the interactions and interdependencies among them. Models will be developed for the optimal design and operation of a CO2 cluster to minimize the total cost of the value chain by considering emission sources, capture facilities, pipelines, intermediate sites and CO2 utilization and storage sites quantitatively. This provides us the means to integrate all components efficiently and leads to better management of the whole value chain.”

For more information, please contact Evrim Ursavas.

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