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SOM Awards 2014 for researchers Ruud Teunter, Jan Willem Bolderdijk, Jakob Bosma and Dennis Prak

18 October 2015

On October 2, 2015 SOM presented the 2014 awards for Best Graduate of the Research Master, best PhD Thesis, Outstanding Junior Researcher and for Outstanding Researcher were presented.

Best Research Master Graduate

Dennis Prak, the Best Graduate of the Research Master Economics & Business was awarded 1,000 euro's. His master thesis “On the handling of forecast uncertainty in inventory models”

supervised by Ruud Teunter was awarded with a grade 10 and he graduated with an average 9.0. Dennis is now working as a PhD student at FEB.

The other two nominees where Holmer Kok and Eduard Suari Andreu (now both working as a PhD at FEB).

Best PhD Thesis

The award of 1,500 euro was for Jakob Bosma for his thesis “On systemic risk formation”, supervised by Prof. Kasper Roszbach, Prof. Michael Koetter and Dr. Lammertjan Dam. Jakob is currently currently working at the ING Bank. His thesis contains high quality chapters likely to be published in top journals.

The other nominees where Paul Buijs and Joost Veenstra. They both work at FEB respectively as project-coordinator and postdoc.

Outstanding Junior Researcher

The 2,000 euro prize for junior researcher was awarded to Jan Willem Bolderdijk. He obtained his PhD degree in 2010, and he already published more than 10 articles in international journals including three top publications. In 2014 he was awarded a VENI grant by NWO for his research project “The social risks of sustainable consumption”.

The other two nominees were FEB researchers Florian Noseleit and Gaaitzen de Vries

Outstanding Researcher

Ruud Teunter, professor of operations management FEB was awarded 2,500 euro by the SOM Board for his overall performance. Ruud Teunter has numerous publications, is highly cited with an h-index of 22 and has obtained substantial funding.

SOM award winners Prak, Bosma, Bolderdijk, Teunter
SOM award winners Prak, Bosma, Bolderdijk, Teunter
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