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Nevena Ivanovic wins AOM Best Student Paper Award

15 September 2022
Nevena Ivanovic (photo: Reyer Boxem)
Nevena Ivanovic (photo: Reyer Boxem)

Nevena Ivanovic, PhD candidate at the Faculty of Economics and Business, has won a Best Student Paper Award at the Academy of Management (AOM) conference held last month in Seattle. She received the award in the Technology & Innovation Management division, for the paper titled ‘Managing Attention in Virtual Hackathons: Effective Configurations of Team External Communication’, co-authored by Gerben van der Vegt and Thom de Vries.

The paper is based on a study that is part of Ivanovic’s PhD dissertation. Ivanovic is a PhD candidate at FEB’s department of Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior . Professor Gerben van der Vegt and associate professor Thom de Vries are her supervisors, along with professor Dirk Pieter van Donk.

The paper

Virtual hackathons have become a popular accelerated innovation tool to help teams develop innovative solutions for complex challenges through intensive collaboration under high time pressure. In their paper, Ivanovic, De Vries and Van der Vegt integrate insights from the attention-based view of the firm with the literature on tie strength and temporal dimensions of communication, and propose strategies that might help teams effectively manage their external communication during virtual hackathons. Their findings contribute to the innovation and team literature by pointing to the importance of the appropriate timing and configuration of team external activities, and point to two strategies that teams and managers might use to leverage the innovative performance potential of virtual hackathons.

More information:

Ivanovic, N., De Vries, T. A., & Van Der Vegt, G. S. (2022). Managing Attention in Virtual Hackathons: Effective Configurations of Team External Communication .

Questions? Please contact Nevena Ivanovic .

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