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Continuing your application in OAS

You have received an email through Studielink about the Online Application System (OAS). Please use this information to login and finish your application.

  1. Go to the Online Application System and carefully read the application and admission information.
  2. Enter your email address corresponding with the one you use in Studielink and use the token/password you received in the email from Studielink.
  3. In the screen 'Would you like to reset your password?', please enter the password you want to use for your application (twice) and click submit.

You can now start completing your application in the application screen.

  • Please read the information below very carefully (top to bottom) first and then follow the prescribed steps precisely. Do not worry if the 'wrong' Pre-MSc programme appears, you will have to change this in OAS yourself.
  • The information that has been entered into your OAS account based on what you entered in Studielink (your name, DOB, address) cannot be changed in OAS. Changes in these can only be made in Studielink.

Complete your application in OAS

Step 1: Personal details

Completed based on the information you entered in Studielink.

Step 2: Address details

Completed based on the information you entered in Studielink.

Step 5: Language proficiency
  • Students with a Dutch (Bachelor/HBO) degree do not need to hand in an English proficiency test. Simply choose 'I'm planning to take an English language proficiency test' or 'Other proof of proficiency in English' where asked.
  • Students with a non-Dutch (Bachelor) degree will need to hand in an English proficiency test. Check for the minimum entry requirements.
Step 6: Proposed programme

This step is partly completed. The Pre-MSc programmes are not listed in Studielink. Please do not worry; just check and change where possible. To complete the admissions procedure: select your preferred (future) Master programme (and profile, if applicable) at 'Specialisation' under Proposed programme.

Step 8: Supporting documents

Upload digital copies of the following:

  • a copy of your passport/ID
  • a copy of your diploma(s) (only if you have already graduated)
  • a copy of your (temporary) transcripts (list of grades)
Step 12: Submit

This last step is essential: the University of Groningen is not allowed to start processing your application for admission unless you completed this step.

After you have submitted your application, you will receive an email confirming the receipt of your application, including further information about the admission procedure.

You will be informed by the University’s Admissions Office about your admissibility as soon as possible, but at the latest within four weeks.

Last modified:15 November 2017 3.27 p.m.