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Minor Energy

A highly relevant and engaging minor programme in English for all bachelor students who:

  • want to learn everything about Energy and explore it from multiple angles
  • are interested in working in a multidisciplinary environment
  • want to learn about solving real life energy problems in an integrated way
  • are going in to their 3rd year
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Why choose this minor?

Societies are increasingly concerned about the sustainability, security and affordability of energy. In order to deal with these challenges, and to find solutions which contribute to the wellbeing of societies, knowledge is required from several academic disciplines, including Natural Science, Psychology, Law, Economics, Spatial sciences and Political sciences.

What does the programme look like?

The minor Energy is taught by energy experts from multiple faculties of the university of Groningen. The programme consists of a package of four courses of 30 EC in total.

During the minor, you will explore and come to understand the key differences and the complimentary elements of multiple academic perspectives and methodologies. You will explore a wide variety of energy challenges . We will discuss the physical characteristics of energy resources, the regulatory and legal frameworks, the economics of energy markets and policies, measures to foster a sustainable energy behaviour of citizens and firms, the social dynamics in a spatial context and the (inter)national political processes in energy systems. We will analyse specific problems related to the supply and use of energy focussing on the energy transition towards more renewable sources, such as wind and solar power, hydrogen and green gas. The minor combines lectures on theories and methods from various disciplines with research projects directed at solving real life problems on energy.

You can find an overview of the programme below.


Course name




Semester 1a

Multidisciplinary Energy Essentials




Energy Case Study




Semester 1b

Solving Energy Challenges




Energy Research Project

10 Compulsory English

Please note: The courses of the minor cannot be taken individually.

Who can participate?

The university minor Energy is open to all bachelor students who have passed their first year. There are a limited number of places available and students will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.

How to register

You can register for the minor via Progress from the day of the annual university Minor Market on 18 May until 1 August. The minor can be found at Enrolments/ Minors/ Economics and Business.

More information?

Please contact the minor coordinator, Prof. Machiel Mulder .

Stan Engbers

Stan Engbers, stu dent BSc Economics & Business Economics, 1st year participant:

"The minor Energy provides a great opportunity to explore highly relevant energy problems from different perspectives. "

Eva Top

Eva Top, student BSc Bedrijfskunde, 2nd year participant:

"It was very interesting to start seeing the same things in different ways, and gaining more knowledge about energy."

Thomas Nielsen

Thomas Nielsen, student BSc Psychology, 2nd year participant:

“The energy minor is a great opportunity to gain knowledge about climate change, energy alternatives, and solutions to the energy transition.”

Read more about the experiences of our alumni.

Related opportunity

Energy Academy Certificate

The Energy Academy Certificate is awarded to students who have completed 30 ECTS in Energy studies at the University of Groningen as part of their programme and attended 10 Energy Learning Activities. The Minor Energy ECTS count towards this certificate. Check out the website for more information.

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