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Study Support Group at FEB

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Would you like to achieve more from your study? Do you tend to put things off or find it hard to get motivated?

Even when you know what you need to do, it can be hard to plan or stick to your study schedule. Sometimes it’s a case of finding motivation, at other times it’s because you’re juggling different tasks. The FEB Study Support Group (SSG) can help you to create and carry out a study plan to meet your goals.

The SSG is a group of FEB students lead by a FEB Study Advisor. The group meets every Monday where you make your study plan for the week and look over what you’ve accomplished in the previous week. Active study is stimulated with the aim of helping you stick to your schedule and improve motivation.

The SSG requires your commitment, but in return you can gain so much!

By joining the group you have the chance to build and develop your planning and organisation skills, as well as following through on your initiatives. These skills are not only valuable for your study but also for your future employability.

Last modified:10 February 2021 2.44 p.m.