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About us FEB Education / FEB Admission and application Application route - Master Apply for a Master

Step 1: Entry requirements

Our entry requirements can be divided into three different blocks:

  • Previous education
    We will consider the level and curriculum of your previous studies.
  • Language requirements
    You need to start off with a good command of English. Therefore, a proof of proficiency in English is required.
  • GMAT or GRE requirements
    A GMAT or GRE test score is required from all candidates who obtained their bachelor from a university in a non-EU/EEA country.

Previous education

The admission procedure includes evaluating your pre-university or academic credentials. To assess whether your educational/academic background meets the specific programme requirements, we will consider the level and curriculum of your undergraduate programme. For specific requirements, please check the Master's programme pages.

Important to know: You need to apply for the programme of your choice in order for the Admissions Office to evaluate your educational background and assess your eligibility. Your application will be assessed on an individual basis.

Not the right pre-education? Try our pre-Master programme!

When you have a deficiency in your academic background, you can start off in our pre-Master programme. Once you have successfully completed this pre-Master programme, you can enrol in the corresponding Master's programme.

Language requirements

Since you will follow all of our courses in English, you need to start off with a good command of the English language.

*The English language proficiency test scores (IELTS, TOEFL, C1 Advanced, C2 Proficiency) cannot be older than 2 years. Please note that TOEFL MyBest Scores are not considered in the admission procedure.

For all Master of Science programmes taught in English:



overall score

Minimum score

Speaking section

Minimum score

Writing section

IELTS Academic *




TOEFL internet-based (iBT) *




C1 Advanced (formerly known as: Cambridge Advanced English (CAE) *


C2 Proficiency (formerly known as: Cambridge Proficiency (CPE) *


You are exempt from proving proficiency in English if:

  • you have already completed a bachelor programme in one of the following countries: USA, UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia
  • English was the medium of instruction during your previous education, but you do not meet the above mentioned requirements for exemption, you are still required to prove your English proficiency by means of one of the tests as mentioned above.

Submission of test results:

  • IELTS: a scan of the score report can be uploaded in the Online Admission System (OAS) or send by email. We can verify the score online.
  • TOEFL: initially, a scan of the score report can be uploaded in OAS. If you are admitted, we need to receive an original score report. Please ask the Educational Testing Service to send it to us, using institution code 7191.
  • Cambridge Certificate: initially, a scan of the score report can be uploaded in OAS. If you are admitted, we need to receive a certified copy of the certificate.
  • You may apply for a degree programme, even though you have not yet taken an English language test or while your test score is still insufficient. In that case, you might be conditionally admitted with one of the conditions for final admission being that you take and pass a (new) test.

Deadline for providing English test results

The Admissions Office should have the test results before 1 September (start September) or 1 February (start February).

For non-EU/EEA students, the deadline is 1 June (start September) or 15 November (start February). Otherwise, there is insufficient time left for the visa application procedure.

GMAT or GRE requirements

Besides educational and language requirements you need to fulfil one extra requirement. A (minimum) GMAT or GRE test score is required from all candidates who obtained a bachelor from a university in a non-EU/EEA country in order to enter a Master of Science programme at the Faculty of Economics and Business.*

*This does not apply to the Research Master in Economics and Business. All applicants with a non-Dutch diploma need to have a GMAT/GRE. Read more about the GMAT/GRE requirements for the Research Master.

GMAT result

As proof of your analytical writing and quantitative reasoning abilities, you must submit a satisfactory Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) score with an overall:

  • GMAT score of 600 points or higher: you will be considered for direct admission in our Business oriented MSc programmes, provided you meet all previous requirements.
  • GMAT score of 500 points or higher: the final decision will be taken by the Board of Admissions, taking into consideration the research orientation of your previous university as well as the content of your undergraduate programme.
  • Please be aware that GMAT scores are only valid for five years.

GRE result

Or you need a positive GRE-exam result. The Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) is a standardized test that aims to measure verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, analytical writing and critical thinking skills that have been acquired over a long period of time and that are not related to any specific field of study. Find more information about GMAT or GRE requirements.

Submit your GMAT or GRE result
When you apply online for a master programme in Economics and Business you should upload your GMAT or GRE score as part of your application package.

Enter without GMAT or GRE? See the exemptions

Application checklist

For a complete overview of all the documents you need to upload, please check the application checklist.

Contact the Admission Office

Do you have questions about the entry requirements? Please feel free to contact the Admissions office.
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