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EducationPre-master programmes

Pre-master programmes

HBO transfer programmes

Many Master’s degree programmes offer graduates of related HBO programmes a special pre-master programme. Before you can begin your Master’s degree, you must follow a so-called pre-master programme. HBO graduates cannot automatically register for a Master's programme. The most common transfers have standard bridging programmes. A combination that is less usual does not necessarily mean that there is no pre-master programme, just that one will have to be tailored to your situation.

NB: the two programmes must be related to each other in some way. For example, you cannot transfer from Primary School teacher training college to a Master's degree in Archaeology.

Transferring with a HBO degree

Some degree programmes offer a pre-master programme (one or two years) that results in a certificate of admission for a certain Master’s degree programme or a university Bachelor’s degree certificate that grants admission to a range of Master’s degree programmes. Please contact the study advisor of your chosen Master's degree to discuss your options.

How to apply

You can follow this easy guide to apply for a pre-master programme.

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