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EducationUniversity of Groningen Summer SchoolsTeaching Critical Thinking

Keynote speakers

Harvey Siegel

Harvey Siegel is a professor of philosophy at the university of Miami. His specialties are the philosophy of science, epistemology, and philosophy of education. He is especially interested in issues concerning rationality, relativism and naturalism. Siegel has written three books: Relativism Refuted (Kluwer, 1987), Educating Reason (Routledge, 1988) and Rationality Redeemed? (Routledge, 1997), and he has published over 200 papers.

Michael Hoffmann

Michael Hoffmann is an associate professor for philosophy in the school of public policy at Georgia Tech and co-director of the center for ethics and technology. His research areas are: argumentation theory, computer supported argument visualization, digital humanities, ethics and philosophy of science and technology and wicked problems. He is especially interested in issues concerning, e.g. communication, conflicts, (higher) education, digital communication and interdisciplinary learning and partnering. Hoffmann has written two books: Knowledge development. A semiotic and pragmatic approach (Klostermann, 2005) and Genesis of Order. Ontology, Epistemology, and Political Action in Late Plato (Teubner, 1996).

David Hitchcock

David Hitchcock is a professor emeritus of Philosophy at Mc Master University, Canada. His expertise lies in reasoning and argumentation. He is the author on Critical Thinking in the Stanford Encyclopedia. Het has published on inference evaluation, the concept of argumentation, instrumental rationality, ad hominem arguments and the effectiveness of computer-assisted instruction in critical thinking. He has published several books such as the “Critical Thinking: a Guide to Evaluating Information” or “on Reasoning and Arguments”.

Sharon Bailin

Sharon Bailin is a professor emeritus in the faculty of education at the Simon Fraser University. She has several books, e.g. achieving extraordinary ends (Abc-Clio, 1988) and Reason in the balance (Hackett publishing, 2016). Bailin has written a significant number of articles on critical thinking and creativity, and has presented on these topics internationally.

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