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EducationUniversity of Groningen Summer SchoolsPublic Philosophy and Social Ontology

Public Philosophy and Social Ontology

Rights and Responsibilities for a Just Society

Dates & location 26 - 30 August 2019, Groningen, the Netherlands
Level ReMa/PhD/Postdoc
Fees € 350 (non-OZSW members)
€ 300 (OZSW members)
Academic coordinators Dr. Ryan Doody, Faculty of Philosophy
Prof. Dr. Frank Hindriks, Faculty of Philosophy
Students discussing

How do people live together? And how should they live together? Answering these questions requires a conception of society, and of the role that social practices, institutions and organizations play in it. But what are these social structures? What are their functions? And how can they contribute to a just society?

The main themes of this summer school are:

  • Social practices and institutions: incentives & norms, nature & function
  • Social construction and social change: identity / discrimination
  • Social groups and collective agents: responsibility & rights
  • Social structures and individual autonomy: concord / conflict

This summer school brings together experts in social theory, social ontology, ethics, and political philosophy. It serves to bring recent developments in social ontology to bear on public philosophy.

  • Christina Bicchieri (University of Pennsylvania)
  • Sally Haslanger (MIT)
  • Stephanie Collins (Australian Catholic University)
  • University of Groningen: Andreas Schmidt, Titus Stahl, Justin Bruner & Frank Hindriks
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