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Critical Theory in Philosophy

This summer school will cover central philosophical themes addressed by the Frankfurt School of Critical Theory. Our focus will lie on its classic texts as well as a selection of work by its leading present-day representatives.

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The Challenge of Natural Teleology

All along its history, the reflection on the ontological status and the explanatory role of final causes affected several domains such as metaphysics, theology, psychology, philosophy of language and evolution theory. This summer school focuses on some of the major turning points in the history of this controversy that challenged philosophers, scientists and
theologians from antiquity to today’s debates.

Banksy EU
Dover Banksy by ijclark (2017)
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Humor and Satire in Contemporary Europe

This interdisciplinary summer school will focus on the various forms taken by humour in contemporary European societies; we will discuss a broad range of sources, from literature and stand-up comedy to memes and cartoons.

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What About the Family?

This Summer school will explore new theoretical and practical approaches to address the challenges posed by responsibilities generated by new forms of healthcare practice.

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