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Technical Workshop on Impact Evaluation and Monte Carlo Simulation

In line with its mission to build and strengthen capacity, as well as generating policy relevant economics research for informed policy making on the continent, guided by rigor and evidence, AERC is organizing a technical workshop to enhance the skills of researchers in Impact Evaluation (RCTs/Experiments)1 and Monte Carlo Simulation. The impact evaluation component of the course is a joint initiative between AERC and the University of Groningen, the Netherlands (Prof. Dr. Robert Lensink). The technical workshop will be biased towards "inclusive finance", and will take place from 26 February to 9 March 2018 in Nairobi, Kenya.

The course will cover several topics on the theory and empirical application of impact evaluation and Monte Carlo Simulation. A number of practical exercises on materials covered and practical issues related to the course will be taught and discussed.

LOT Summer School Linguistics

This summer school is organized by the Center for Language and Cognition of the University of Groningen. LOT organizes the training of graduate students in linguistics.

International Student Congress of (bio)Medical Sciences

4- 8 June 2018, Groningen, the Netherlands


The International Student Congress Of (bio)Medical Sciences (ISCOMS) is one of the world's leading student congresses in the field of (bio)medical sciences. This year, the 24th edition of ISCOMS takes place from the 6th till the 9th of June 2017 in Groningen. During this three-day congress, ISCOMS offers students from all over the world an unique opportunity to present their research. Besides this, students can take part in interactive workshops and get inspired by lectures presented by a few of the best scientists worldwide. For example, this year, Spinoza Prize winner Prof. Mihai G. Netea MD PhD, Noble Laureate Prof. Sir Tim R.T. Hunt PhD and Noble Laureate Prof. Ben L. Feringa PhD will tell us all about their interesting research.

Language Courses (June - August)

The University of Groningen Language Centre will be offering intensive summer courses in Dutch, English and Modern Foreign Languages. It is now possible to register for the summer courses. Kindly contact for more information.

Free University of Groningen Online Courses

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are free, open, online courses. You can enroll for every course you take an interest in. Your age or prior education does not matter - everybody can participate! You can decide for yourself when you want to work on the courses and how much time you would like to spend on them.

For a complete list of MOOCs offered by the University of Groningen check below. Please visit the MOOC website for more information.

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