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Youth Participation in Research, Policy and Practice

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Over the past decades the United Nations Children’s Right Convention of 1989 has inspired many minority, as well as majority, countries to develop and implement a great variety of children’s and young people’s participation activities, ranging from small projects such as writing books and designing social media content, to youth councils in schools and local governments, and national children’s and youth parliaments. Depending on the countries’ historical, social, economic and political contexts, childhood and youth, as well as family and parenthood have been conceptualized in different ways. These different conceptualizations enable and restrict the opportunities for children’s and young people’s participation.

addition to contextual differences, participation has faced challenges. Important questions are: To what extent has children’s and young people’s participation had an impact on decision-making, or the re-arranging of power and equality structures in families, communities, local and national policies? In what activities has children’s and young people’s participation become meaningful? How are meanings of participation related to conceptualizations of childhood and youth in specific historical and local contexts? How and to what extent has the ‘participation society’ and its emphasis on self-regulation and self-reliance opened up, or restricted, children’s and young people’s possibilities for participation?

This summer school addresses trends and conclusions after two decades of children’s and young people’s participation: its pitfalls and its challenges. It aims to envision promising directions, in theory, policies and practice, and it will explore the question: How can children’s and young people’s voices be better listened to?

Key note speakers include: Prof. dr. Bruno Vanobbergen who will present about his work as the Flemish Children's Rights Commissioner, Prof. dr. Kay Tisdall from the University of Edinburg who will explore successes and challenges since 1989 in recognising children and young people’s participation rights – and the most promising opportunities going forward, and Studio Moio Leiden on how youth participate in (educational) research, policies and practices creating social impact.

Dates 9 - 13 July 2018
Location Groningen, the Netherlands
Level BA/MA/PhD and professionals
Fees Students: 150
PhD candidates and professionals: 200
Academic coordinators Prof. Dr. Greetje Timmerman
Dr. Laura Baams
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