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Youth, education and work in (post-)conflict areas

Empowering young talent to (re)build communities
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At first sight, the small town of Gulu in northern Uganda is a lively meeting place bustling with activities. There is a huge market, an expanding university and one can get a good cup of coffee. The summer school gives participants the chance to get a deeper understanding of the area which was once the battle ground of the infamous Lord’s Resistance Army. Young people who were abducted or threatened to be abducted by this army are now struggling to find their way in education and work, also contributing to the development of their community.  

The summer school will be oriented by academics from the region and from other (post-)conflict areas. Participants will conduct fieldwork together with Ugandan students. The programme includes the sharing of research results on youth initiatives, field visits, and data collection in and around Gulu town. This will give participants an opportunity to engage with the youth, their dreams and difficulties, but also their resilience and strength in an area where conflict has never been far away.

You fly to Entebbe, the international airport of Uganda and from there the university bus will take you in around seven hours (depending on the traffic and the road works) to Gulu. Gulu is a lively town that does not immediately show the effects of its history of conflict.

Oriented by lecturers from the area, we will dig deeper into the topic to get a view of the living conditions of the youth nowadays, the way they cope with the recent history and how they look at the future. This will help to develop appropriate and realistic plans for action. Themes for fieldwork are: youth and entrepreneurship, youth organisations, professionals working with youth in education and youth care, youth culture and more.

We will benefit from the background of the participating practitioners, lecturers and researchers by sharing experiences, by listening to and giving presentations and by discussions about different (post-)conflict situations. Because both groups (practitioners and academics) combine theory and practice (action research and practical knowledge) one of the participants of last year’s summer school in Groningen called the group members ‘pracademics’. Central is the approach of jointly producing knowledge about the challenges and perspectives of the youth in Gulu and also about our own work as practitioners and academics.

Be sure that the approach is interactive. You will not only sit, talk and listen, but you will also move around, share sadness and joy, do role plays and games, make drawings or compose a song, put words into action. The organising committee is open to suggestions in this respect.

Dates 20 - 30 July 2018
Location Gulu, Uganda
Level Researchers, policy makers, practitioners, undergraduate, graduate and PhD students
Academic coordinators Prof. Jacques Zeelen (UNESCO Chair Gulu University and Globalisation Studies Groningen)
Prof. George Openjuru (Gulu University)
William Amone (Gulu University)
Dr Cuthbert Tukundane (Uganda Martyrs University)
Dr. Josje van der Linden (Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences, University of Groningen)
Fees €350 (including local transport)

"The summer school offered an excellent range of speakers and participants, providing a space full of knowledge, enquiry and learning. I would absolutely recommend this summer school to others, especially those looking to bridge the areas of academia and practice - to become active 'pracademics'. "
Sally, participant of the 2017 summer school on Youth, education and Work

Gulu University
Gulu University
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (see article)
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (see article) & UNESCO Chair Network 'Lifelong Learning, Youth and Work'
Youth, Education and Work
Youth, Education and Work
Globalisation Studies Groningen
Globalisation Studies Groningen
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