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#TheCityIsOurCampus: 22-24 February

Date:20 February 2019
There ain't no party like a Bollywood party
There ain't no party like a Bollywood party

Party Picks:


Bollywood Party 2019

Besides bringing the world chess, the numeric system and yoga, India is also famous for developing its very own counterpart to Hollywood - Bollywood! These Hindi movies are not only known for their huge popularity in India, but also for their extensive dance and music scenes which usually involve dozens of belly-shaking actors showing off their moves. Trust me, if you have ever been to India, you will know that there ain't no party like a Bollywood party. Interested? Then pack up your Kurta or Sari, practice some Bollywood dance moves in front of your mirror and join the Groningen Indian Student Association this Saturday for a different kind of night out.

☆ Kattenbingo #18 ☆ (VOL)

Attention cat lovers, you don’t want to miss this! This Saturday you will have the chance to play bingo amidst your furry friends (and maybe some crazy cat lady) at the Kattencafe! There will be cat related prizes for the lucky winners, but don’t assume that this will even remotely impress any feline family member. For those not so skilled at bingo (& undercover dog people), there will also be some booby prizes to take home. Rumour even has it, that Doerak might be attending!  

Dierencommunicatie basis cursus 23/24 febr

Have things not been going well between you and your cat lately? Or would you like to know what your dog really thinks when he is chasing his own tail? Then you might want to join this basic animal communication course to train your ‘sixth sense’ and finally get some answers you have long been waiting for. I must admit, the course fee is maybe not suitable for an average student budget but if you are fed up with your study program you may also consider it as an investment into a possible career alternative. However, you might just want to hold off telling your parents this until after the course, when you are able to teach your hamster a backflip in no time.  

GOALS | Social Experiment

The one thing that every student lacks besides money for books and enough sleep? You guessed it: motivation. In case you are looking for some, you should check out this social experiment. In this workshop held on Sunday afternoon (so that there are no excuses, even for the laziest of us), you will learn how to achieve all of those things you dream about at night or during your typical UB procrastination nap. You may wonder why a self-help workshop is called a ‘social experiment’, but I guess that's just a nice way of saying that you won’t get a refund in case it doesn’t work out for you.

TWERKshop [Members only]

If you have ever wondered how you can take over the dance floor on a night out, or you just really want to confuse everyone at the Bollywood party, then look no more: the TWERKshop has come to town. Besides delivering this great pun, the TWERKshop promises you to let out your inner Niki Minaj and teach you how to enter the club like a wrecking ball in Miley Cyrus style. There is only one big BUT: To attend you have to be a member of GSPV De NoordPole, so you may want to check out what other interesting events they have to offer.

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When my friend tells me in Week 3 that all reading material is relevant for the exams
When my friend tells me in Week 3 that all reading material is relevant for the exams


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