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Did you know the UG has a resident poet? His name is Willem Wierbos!

#TheCityIsOurCampus 22.01-28.01

Date:22 January 2020
We’re smack in the middle of exams, ESNS is over, and it might seem like there’s nothing to do. However, there is always something going on in Groningen, which is why we’ve rounded up the most interesting events happening this week. If you feel like taking a necessary break from studying, why not check some of these out?
The Forum (captured by @matteoacitelli)

A Student's Review of the Groninger Forum

Date:17 January 2020
Since its opening in late November, the Forum has attracted more than 400.000 visitors and counting. But what is the Forum like from the inside? Are there enough study spots and how are the food options? For this blog, I went to check out the Forum to give it a review from a student's perspective. 
Last year's very small-scaled concert in a clothing store

#TheCityIsOurCampus ESNS special

Date:16 January 2020
The annual EuroSonic Noorderslag festival is this weekend! The whole city is turned upside down and filled with music. With over 30 venues and hundreds of European artists performing, it's a must-see for everyone living in Groningen!
When in doubt, dance it out

5 Stress-relieving Solutions for Exam Weeks

Date:14 January 2020
Stressed? Here are 5 fail-proof ways to cope with the overwhelming pressure of exam season.
Asmo, starring in his own cartoon

#TheCItyIsOurCampus 09.01-16.01

Date:09 January 2020
This week in Groningen: Lectures, fun on trampolines, banner making sessions and a very special birthday.
Ringing in the New Year at the Vismarkt with some friends, fireworks, and lots of fog

5 Amazing New Year's Resolutions For Students

Date:02 January 2020
This 2020, I'm steering away from the typical New Year's Resolutions and giving you 5 tips that will actually help improve your year as a student!
The only fireworks you'll be seeing me use this NYE

How to celebrate New Years Eve in Groningen 

Date:30 December 2019
Can't decide how to celebrate New Year's Eve in Groningen? Read Danique's blog for all the NYE dos and don'ts in Groningen!
When you're home for the holidays but all of your old friends' aren't so you have to build a friend

Christmas as a Student in 10 GIFS

Date:20 December 2019
Ahh Christmas time - the few weeks per year where students go back to their parents' home for the holidays. Good food, seeing old friends and your family is great, but for students you come to realize how accustomed you are to your own student life!
Studying in one of the beautiful study areas at The Beurs building in Leeuwarden!

A Day in the Life of a… MSc Sustainable Entrepreneurship Student

Date:20 December 2019
Sustainable Entrepreneurship student Sinead describes her daily routine as a student at Campus Fryslân!
Getting into the Christmas vibes

#TheCityIsOurCampus 20-22 December

Date:19 December 2019
The last weekend blog of the year: WinterWelvaart, lots of parties and Christmas markets