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Apparently Zoom is also good for other things than just video chatting

The Stories Behind Groningen's Street Names

Date:04 June 2020
For this blog, Asmo did some research on the origins of some of Groningen’s street names. 
Another perk: the beautiful martini tower

10 reasons Groningen is the best place to study in the NL

Date:03 June 2020
All the inside information about why Groningen is the best place to study in NL
Hey man, could you please Tikkie me my DUO?

Practical tips and services for every international

Date:03 June 2020
In this blog, I will share some practical tips and services with you that I wish I had known about in advance so that you can kick-start your life in the Netherlands.
As you can see, I clearly am one of those people who says "if i spray paint it ugly colours, no one will steal it!!"

What your bike says about you

Date:03 June 2020
In honor of world bicycle day: what does your bike say about you?
Reminiscing about the good ol' days

5 Things We Took for Granted

Date:29 May 2020
On June 1st, the government’s new measures will allow people to return to their social activities, but it won’t be quite the same. Maybe now we’ll be able to realize all the things we took for granted. Here are 5 that I am positive we should’ve appreciated more,
The Academy Building in 1614

5 Surprising Historical Facts about the UG

Date:25 May 2020
From the first international students in the 1730s to becoming a part of the Imperial University of Paris, the UG has seen a lot throughout its 405-year history. For this blog, I have dug through the University’s archives to uncover some lesser-known historical facts and figures about our university. 
Thesis mode: On

How to Write your Thesis from Home

Date:22 May 2020
Just like Asmo, you may be currently in the process of writing a thesis. But with no library to go to and noisy siblings in the background, concentrating can be difficult at times. In this blog, you can read some tips on how Asmo still manages to be productive and write his thesis despite being stuck at home. 
Casual networking

Careers: how and where do I start?

Date:19 May 2020
Thinking about the future is daunting, but there is no time like the present to think about your career path! Danique gives a few useful tips that will help figure out how to plan your career.
Smiling through the anxiety of picking a minor :)

A Guide to the Different Minors at the UG

Date:14 May 2020
Still need to pick a minor but don't know which option is best? Here's Ariana's quick guide to choosing between the different minors at the UG.
This is what I look like when I am hungry and am forced to pose for a photo

5 Weekday Recipes You Need to Know

Date:11 May 2020
If you are having a stressful week, or just want to save some extra free time while still eating delicious, fresh food, keep on reading.