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10 GIFs that sum up student life

Date:26 June 2018
It's GIF o'clock
It's GIF o'clock



Today, we have decided to GIF the people what they want - by summing up student life at the UG with 10 GIFs! Enjoy and remember: it's pronounced "djif"



  1. When your exam is in Martiniplaza and you live near Zernike

 2. When you look back on how easy things were in high school

 3. How it feels when you walk into the Aletta Jacobshal

 4. When your housemate gets mad cause you ate their garlic bread

 5. Me 5 minutes after starting an essay

 6. When you have an exam at Zernike and you overslept

7. When it’s 3am the night before a 9am lecture but you are too deep in the Netflix rabbit hole

 8. When your professor makes a joke at an exam review

 9. When you walk into Golden Fust after exams are finished

 10. When you have to reach the word count for an essay


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About the author

Hello, my name is Joey, and I'm a Physics student from Manchester, England. In between making (good) bad puns, making fun of my friends, and finding ingenious ways to procrastinate, I write blogs.


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