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Education The Faculty Graduate Schools Regulations of the Conferral of a Doctorate

Appendix 11: Questionnaire

Questionnaire for the Communication Office of the University of Groningen


Degree date:

Dutch speaking PhD's, please click on the Dutch flag and answer the questions in Dutch

When answering the questions, please avoid jargon and specialized terms as much as possible?

  1. Please give a short summary of your PhD thesis in Dutch as well as in English (both 250 words max.). We use these summaries, among other things, for information about your PhD defence and thesis on the internet and to inform the media.
  2. What are (in short) the most important results of your research and which conclusions have you drawn?
  3. Do you think the press could be interested in these results? If so, why? If not, why not?
  4. Has the press paid any attention to (parts of) your research before?
  5. Are any other organizations planning to gain publicity for your thesis? If so, we can contact them and adjust actions.
  6. Will your thesis be published in a commercial edition? If so, by which publisher?
  7. At which department/institution/research school did you conduct your PhD research and to which research line/larger research project does it belong?
  8. Which organization(s) financed your PhD research?
  9. Did you change jobs after finishing your PhD research? If so, who is your current employer and what is your new job?

We would also like to receive the extended Dutch summary from your thesis.

Please send the answers to this questionnaire (including the short summaries in Dutch and English, and - if available - the extended Dutch summary from your thesis) via Hora Finita no later than five weeks before the degree date to the Communication Office.

Please note: should any articles be published in a newspaper or magazine about you or your research, copyright law forbids publishing PDF versions of these media outings on your own website, unless you received written permission to do so from the author/publisher.

Publicity for the PhDs in Medical Sciences is taken care of by the Communications Department of the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG). They will receive your questionnaire and thesis summaries from the University of Groningen Communication Office.

The University of Groningen and UMCG Communication Offices can advise you on dealing with the media. An information leaflet is also available: Prepared for Publicity (RUG) and the brochure Media contacts for scientific staff of the UMCG.

University of Groningen                          University Medical Center Groningen

Communication Office                            Press Office

Telephone: +3150-363 5445                   Telephone: +3150-361 2200

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