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Career Outside Academia 18 March 2019

As a PhD student you develop important skills, but how can these skills be useful for jobs outside academia? Which qualifications do you need in order to be successful in jobs outside academia? How do you manage to find the right job? These are the key questions in our Career Perspectives Series event “ Your next step outside Academia ".

The programme is divided into two parts. First off, two alumni will tell you all about a career outside academia from their perspectives. In the second half of the programme it’s your turn: in workshops you will learn to identify your skills for a career outside academia, and to present yourself to the job market. More information can be found in the detailed overview of the programme .

During this event, you can participate in two out of three workshops that are offered:

Presenting your PhD skills outside academia

You are in the second half of your PhD, and at this point you may wonder how to pursuit your career. Career paths within academia may be clear to you, but the world outside academia is rather unfamiliar. Moreover, the ways to find interesting jobs and present yourself in a favourable way to future employers is new. In this short interactive workshop, you start to take a new perspective on your (academic) experience, skills and strengths. This supports you in matching your unique characteristics to interesting jobs. Further, it provides you with first ideas to translate your academic qualities into added value outside academia.

Communication is key – Understanding communication styles for more effective cooperation on the work floor

Have you found yourself in a professional or private situation when you did not seem to get through to the other person, even though you both spoke English as a lingua franca? Often it is not the language itself but our communication style, i.e. the way we express our opinions, convey facts, argue a point, ask a question or give feedback, that affects the message. And it’s how others hear it, that also affects the outcome of the interaction.

In this experiential and interactive workshop we will explore various styles, such as high context – low context and linear – circular, their characteristics and ways of dealing with a counterpart whose preferred (learned) style differs from yours.

After the workshop you will have an understanding of your preferred style and some tools to deal with different styles in a professional context.

When you enrol for this workshop, we offer you an online tool to determine your effectiveness in a context of diversity for free: the Intercultural Development Inventory, which comes with a customized personal development plan. You do the IDI prior to joining the workshop. Interested? See the website of IDI.

How to successfully network - When you hate talking to people

These days, around 70% of all jobs are acquired by networking. People get hired because they know someone, who knows someone… This way they get in touch with others, who could be relevant to their careers. How do they do this? Is it compulsory to dress up in a suit and attend seminars all the time? Are there other ways to network successfully? Join this workshop to master the first steps of networking, to practice and to feel more comfortable talking to new people!

You will need to prepare for the workshops by making an assignment.

This event is open for PhD students who are in their third or fourth year of their PhD project, and who are a member of one of the Graduate Schools of the Federation or Campus Fryslân. The event will take place at Het Kasteel (Melkweg 1 , Groningen city centre) on Monday March 18, 2019, 12:45 – 17:00. For this event no costs are charged.

You can register by filling in the registration form. On the form, p lease indicate your top 2 preference for the workshops. The deadline for registration is Monday March 11, 2019. Only a limited number of places are available, so make sure to register soon.

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