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Sept. 10 - Meet & Greet Young Researchers: Social Innovations for Sustainability

When:Fr 10-09-2021 12:30 - 16:30

MEET & GREET Young Researchers: Social Innovations for Sustainability

We are happy to invite you to join us and our partners in business, government, and academia at the online Meet & Greet Young Researchers: Social Innovations for Sustainability, on Friday September 10, from 12:45 till 16:30 hrs.

We will present you with four riveting panel discussions on four different themes after an introduction by two extremely knowleddeable keynote speakers:

  • Arjen Boekhold - 'cocoa game changer' at Tony Chocoloneley from the first hour and now a game changing entrepreneur
  • Wander Jager - associate professor at the RUG and managing director of the Groningen Center for Social Complexity Studies

The aims of this event are to:

  • Connect and meet with young researchers (PhDs and Postdocs), entrepreneurs and representatives of governmental organisations, companies and non profit organisations;
  • Discuss the latest insights on various themes around social sustainability and explore potential new research collaborations;
  • Address the common challenges provided when people are asked to accept a change or change their own behaviour in new and innovative ways;
  • Realise societal impact by connecting with external partners;
  • Share examples of where research can be applied beyond academia;
  • Network for career connections or future collaborations inside and outside academia.

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