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#TheCityIsOurCampus: Easter Weekend

Date:29 March 2018
Student blogger Kylie at the Bloemenjaarmarkt
Student blogger Kylie at the Bloemenjaarmarkt

Party Picks


Each year on Good Friday, there is a flower market in the centre of Groningen. You can walk around, buy some flowers, get trampled by a wild herd of German grandma's. Avoid the city centre this Friday basically - unless you need cheap flowers and don't mind hating your life to get them. 

April 1st

Make terrible dad jokes all day Sunday. Drive your friends, family, pets, coworkers and random bypassers insane with terrible pranks.

Easter Celebrations

How are you celebrating Easter? There are several events around Groningen if you are not meeting up with family. Easter Weekender is the party option, but it could also be nice to go Paasbrunch at Kaaphorn with friends - or if you have money to spare go to the Schimmelpenninck Huys hotel for brunch. 

Personally, I think nothing beats planning your own brunch with egg painting and egg hunt with friends - and since HEMA is offering camouflage eggs this Sunday you can make it a real challenge this year. ;-)

USVA Quiz Night & Bandcontest

If you think of yourself as a cultural butterfly (and you want to prove it), then the USVA World Wide Quiz Night is the place to be this weekend. In this edition, you can test your knowledge of arts, culture, music, and film from all around the world. This weekend the USVA also hosts a band contest with a pretty sweet grand prize: getting to perform in the KEI-week (the largest student introduction week in Groningen) come summertime.

DOT Film: The Notebook or SUPERVOLCANOES

Feeling blue, sad and lonely, still single even after our amazing Valentine's Day advice? Go see The Notebook at DOT on Easter Monday and cry your eyes out in public. Not a 14 year old girl? Go check out Supervolcanoes narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch saturday.

FC Groningen - Ajax

This week, FC Groningen is facing one of the most famous Dutch clubs on their home turf. Ajax holds the second place in the national competition, so they have a lot to play for. This is your chance to be a true Groninger by hating Amsterdammers. In fact, Amsterdammers are the best targets for your terrible April Fools Day pranks.

Exam week

Just like last week, exams are still very much happening, so the UB is still happening for many of us. Did you check out our Classical Music Playlist?  

How are you spending this long weekend? 


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